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wustvox (wustvox) wrote in emosucks,
@ 2006-07-25 08:30:00
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    Current mood:Bulalalalalala
    Current music:Everything but EMO!!

    .: Emo KiDS :.
    Emo kids and the disgusting emo scene are the ultimate cause of all problems.

    Emo kids are known to lie every time they open their mouths. They steal from good upstanding citizens and steal from eachother as well. The guilt of the Emo Kids lies in the fact that they have "agitated" the masses into this madness. Emo's are the root of all evils today!! They are the cause of poverty and pestilance in 3rd world countries as well as our own. They subvert the morals of the just and strong to attain their vile and perverse goals. Emo's are well known to be international terrorists as well! They are known to hold some of the highest positions in Al Qada, the Hamas, and Hezbollah!

    Emo's are the fulcrum for what has become the first stages of the 3rd world war and their pansy-pillowbiting will not be tolerated!!

    Come and join the fight!!

    .: The Emo Hate Reich :.

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2006-07-28 14:14 (link)

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2007-01-15 03:03 (link)
i like to think of myself as a foreskin of society...........................................................chop me off if your religion forces you too.........................................................................................................................................but good luck having a shower

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Most emos are fake
2007-08-19 17:26 (link)
Yes fake,if you dont belive me go to:
Now,if you did,youll notice many 'emos',I have found that many male emos like to say there emo by showing a picture of some model named Alex Heartbreak or something like that.I have noticed they stick together and whenever you say something Anti emo,your going to be hit by a shit storm of 'emos are cool' 'emos dont cut' 'emos dont suicide' 'emo is a music genre dumbass' even when you never said anything like that,I am a member of a Anti emo group,and we are looking for fellow 'emo haters'.Well by WE I mean ME.And 50% of the emos you see on the internet are twelve year old,naruto fanboy/fangirl,punks.And they all seem to have a fetish for MCR,FOB,which both suck ass.And now even bands like Nirvana have a good number of emo fans.RID THE WORLD OF ALL EMOS!

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emo rocks
2008-03-27 04:58 (link)
the only reason emo's are depressed is because of people like you.
they would be like normal people but no you have to give them shit everday.
in my black eyes emo haters are "the rodents" or "the scum" that make are life hell.
EMO'S ARE NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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emo's r no1....
2008-06-20 14:21 (link)
i would like to say is i am a emo, i think emo's are not weird, not all of them cut themselves.....emo's are nice people....i think the people who think emo's are are not normal, disgusting people.....those people are wrong and they to shut up and they need to accept emo's.....

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Poor little rockers
2008-07-04 18:51 (link)
do something about your life...dont just talk about emo-hating things, i talk as a adult person...please, do you realize about you have your own children... what about these kids just like emo shit and you as a emo hater... What you gonna do??? Kill him???
Please let the emos kill himselfs and get fun to another things...

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2008-08-03 03:29 (link)
I find this emo- haters and anti-emo thing quite amuzing actually. i mean technically ur not actually hating emo's but scene emos as not all emo's walk around with there hair like scene emo's do it, nore do they all were black.
i should know (i am emo). I like the colour black enough but i'm not obsesed with it.
i know a large number of emo's(including me) that don't look any different from you emo-haters.
were just normal people, we don't mop in our missery (not alwayz enywayz)
and could you do me a favour and actually explain how we are the cause of all evil as well as the cause of poverty in 3rd world countries.
we mind our own buisness and get on with life and if we can't then we kill ourselves how is that affecting 3rd world countries and why is it ur problem?
but don't stop this emo- haters thing i need the amuzment...lolz

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2009-02-10 21:14 (link)
I don't understand why someone would create a site that puts down emo people. Emo people may be different but aren't we all in some way. Yes emo people maybe a bit strange and they show it but that's who they are. Some people act emo too but they don't think that their life sucks and want to end it (that's goth people.) Why create a site that is prejudice against people who are just showing who they are?

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2011-05-30 10:33 (link)

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