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Alex Pavano (darkasylum666) wrote in emosucks,
@ 2006-06-15 21:41:00
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    Current mood:hot

    God damn!!! There's about 2 real emo's in my school, and that's bad. But u know what's even worse? Those fucken emo posers!!!! God!!!! I mean, it's bad enough to be such losers as emos, but to actually pose as them? That's just fucking lame.


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2006-06-16 04:42 (link)
man, you need to kick their scarred, emo asses. Take pics of their bloodied faces and staved in skulls and I will worship you forever.

there are emos everywhere i live. i saw one walking down the street. ill describe him to you:


He was a tall white guy, with bluish black hair that looked blowdried and it had been brushed carefully over his forehead. He wore extremly tight black jeans, and a long sleeved tight jersey. Over that, he wore a lime green vest with a black X over the front. He had a little army satchel slung over his vegan shoulder, and he wore horrid emo slip on shoes, which were black and pink checkered. He had makeup on in the way of eyeliner and possibly lip gloss, wich was presumably applied to make his hideous lips look even more pouty and sad. He had his hands dug deep into his pockets, and he was undoubtlly feeling his penis over the large dog that was walking ahead of him.

At this stage I tore my eyes away from this terrible, obscene spectacle and continued on my way, my heart thumping and my palms sweaty. i fear that i have somehow contracted some disgusting virus, and i immediatly visited the temples of the ancient gods of anti emoism and spend the night in worship to purge my body of any disgusting homosexual germs.

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2006-06-16 11:20 (link)
Lol, that's how all the fucking emos look like over here. The only difference is that they are not white. We are all mostly of Latino or Mexican heritage over here, but by God do they look even fucking more retarded. Imagine this little short fuck, with the whole hair-across-the-face thing. He is wearing a taking back sunday shirt and his sister's pants. If that's not bad enough he has pink and black nail polish and he has pink vans with checkers. Now combine all that and imagine someone that has a face that could very easily belong to an Aztec or Mayan. LOL, i swear that fucker is ugly. He looks like a godamn native. But the part that just ticks me off is that he just dresses like that to "attract" girls. BULLSHIT! He is just scaring the fuck out of them. Fucking asshole really listents to hard rock and punk music, and dresses emo. Fucking poser.


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Re: Yup
2006-06-16 17:26 (link)
WTF, Mexican emo kids? That's new to me, lol. Of course I only know two Mexicans...

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Re: Yup
2006-06-18 06:02 (link)
lol hahahahaha

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