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J-Ly* (jessica_pinky) wrote in emosucks,
@ 2006-06-02 00:25:00
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2006-06-05 04:43 (link)
1) You did not.
2) You corrected a mistake that I already knew of.
3) Of course since I like guys that makes me a fag.
Congratulations. I don't see why you want to start with me so bad.

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2006-06-05 15:09 (link)
lmfao, my other comment gone too?

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2006-06-05 21:24 (link)
Still trying to start?

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2006-06-06 19:32 (link)
Chill for fuck's sake. I just had to point out the irony.

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2006-06-07 22:03 (link)
I deem it pointless since it was already noticed.

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