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Jess (emokido1) wrote,
@ 2003-04-20 20:02:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:the used "box full of sharp objects"

    i had the most awesomest day!
    HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! hahahha......

    Well today was the koolest....i went to sunrise service with my mommy, evern tho she was being a witch with a capital B! its okay, i got to see everyone that i havnt seen in a very long ass time....hmm anything new....emily got her braces off, so did melissa, kyle was staring at me the whole time (as usual!) i mean we used to date, but i mean GET OVER IT! *sheesh* cas i'm with david now <3 but anyways....kinda stressin over that right now but wont get into it....o well

    we all went to smithfield to see family, and i am practically part of the family so it was ash, brandon, linds, and all them, and i got to meet a bunch of other people...there was an easter egg hunt and i thought i was only for little kids, but i was totally wrong! lmao....but there was a gold egg with money in it, so you know me and ash were lookin ALL over for that shit, but i mean it wasnt exactly easy because she has like 7 acres of land, so you kno! but me and ash came to the conclusion that we were going to split the money once one of us found it, but it turns out some chick name cara found the gold egg like two minutes into the game and didnt tell anyone! so everyones all looking around where this egg is for like 3 hours and this chick has it already! wutta dum-ars! lmao...but the best part was that me and ash won a door prize...this clinque happy stuff pretty kool tho...smells awesome. and there was this dude there that had like 2 four wheelers, 3 three wheelers, and like 2 dirtbikes...omg it was sooo much fun, riding a dirt bike...pretty much brings back OLD ASS memories...because when i was little, my uncle mike use to take me for rides on his harley...i know a dirt bike is nothing like a harley, but the wind all blowing in my face, it was the best thing ever! my eyes were all watering because we were going so fast...haha the koolest! =] but i had sooo much fun today, it was the best easter. =]

    right now i am talking to the ambulator on IM, she always knows how to make me feel better...i mean i tried to all a specific person, but the person is over someones house...NVM, i am not even going to get myself going....screw it....laters


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