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animosity (emokid83) wrote,
@ 2003-07-02 22:37:00
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    just came home from sentosa. i officially have the worst tan in the world. ugh! had a get together with my classmates.... fun, fun, fun! didn't drink much though... wardi has banned me from drinking... he said that i was hogging all the alcohol.

    damn you!

    biscuit made an artificial penis made out of sand on kai's crotch... the thing was bloody big man i tell you! then biscuit and wardi made an artificial vagina on kai's crotch and attempted to finger bang him... crazy siak those guys. i laughed till i had face cramps. damn! i wished i had brought my camera along.

    on the phone:
    me: hey, want me to fetch you home after work?
    wandy: eh, why? no need lah...
    me: ala, can ah.... once in a while..
    wandy: why?
    me: cause youre always busy... and you cant fetch me home from work, so im fetching you home instead. [laughs]
    wandy: [laughs] ok... crazy lah you ni...

    gonna go wait for the boyfriend at his workplace... weee... girlfriend fetching boyfriend home from work... isnt that cool? hehehehehe...

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