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nicole (emofaery) wrote,
@ 2003-04-30 06:19:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:acoustic alchemy

    an afternoon laughing
    hey kids how are we?? well i am pretty retarded..i just did something totally stupid ass...i was cutting rice krispy treats with a sharp knife and sliced my thumb..yeah it hurts and i basically have no nail...heh. typing is practically impossible...i will have to cry if i cant play guitar..its pretty shitty. but anyway. what my day consists of: i went to the library after school because i tutor jake..a really cool kid. he's 7. but i get paid and its fun. im going over to geofreys tonight..yay. tomorrow derek and i along with his mom and step dad are going to a movie! im looking foward to it. some old stuff i found right here...

    my feelings are so crazy about you. maybe you could come over and witness it first hand on my neck just to settle and calm these strong emotions down. that's what it does to you after 2 years. you get to the point where you can't say how you really feel and everything gets stuck right before you can choke it out.

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hello friend
2003-07-13 20:23 (link)
HEY DORK! u havent posted in a long time but i thought id drop you this anyways...well obviously this is kara..but i wanted to say HI AND I MISS YOU! and you should start updating more often. lol well i really hope to hear from you or see you soon. love and stuff - kara

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