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Emma (emmamatthews) wrote,
@ 2005-05-16 21:43:00
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    Current mood: productive

    Numero Uno
    Starting this journal will enable me to deliver my opinions and thoughts as i make my way through my exams, this coming summer (which may i add is gonne be fantastic), my Gap Year and then my journey to University!

    It is a Monday, which is always a good start. Monday is a sterotypical day upon which many resolution begin. Dieting, quitting smoking, quitting drinking, going to the gym are all well-known choices. (Bear in mind, i am being universal when discussing those topics.) But what about other things. The emotional resolutions are just as important as the physical ones. You have to believe inside you before you can give a believable performance in relevance to your chosen resolution. Stanislavski for example, a Russian theatre practitioner had a technique that actors used before performances called Truth and Belief. Basically, no convincing external performances are possible without internal stimulation of the mind and soul.

    Therefore i will be using this technique when beginning my new resolution from today. In my eyes i have one year from noe until i embark on a new page of my life. University. In most recent chapters i feel there are pages that have become stuck together though. Muddled and confused, I feel this one year that I have I must use to correct these pages and attempt to regain some sensibility of my life and some knowledge of society etc.

    I am already beginning this by planning excursions, vacations and other trips involving cultural ethics and educational levels that will enable me to have something to say about myself. To have done something worthwhile. To have helped others. To have experienced life in the way i should have before. It's a start...

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