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Emily (emly725) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 22:42:00
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    Current mood: indifferent
    Current music:Thoroughly modern millie

    fly dove, sing sparrow, give me that boy's famous arrow
    CassL724 [10:17 PM]: it just wow makes me so mad...i bet the only reason she came to my play was cause missy went
    Emly725 [10:17 PM]: i know
    Emly725 [10:17 PM]: what a little trout sniffer
    Emly725 [10:18 PM]: ok. i don't know why i called her that
    CassL724 [10:19 PM]: hahha
    CassL724 [10:19 PM]: but its amusing
    Emly725 [10:19 PM]: i know, i didn't feel like calling her a bitch again
    Emly725 [10:19 PM]: ooh!
    Emly725 [10:19 PM]: muff munch
    Emly725 [10:19 PM]: a barf encrusted jumbo jerk
    Emly725 [10:19 PM]: a flaky scab
    CassL724 [10:20 PM]: chewed frosted flake covered chewy doo flinger
    Emly725 [10:21 PM]: a blob of nothingness wrapped in rancid gauze
    Emly725 [10:21 PM]: haha
    CassL724 [10:21 PM]: hahha
    CassL724 [10:21 PM]: rancid
    Emly725 [10:21 PM]: a reaking piece of spinach
    Emly725 [10:21 PM]: haha i just called jenny a reaking piece of spinach
    CassL724 [10:21 PM]: hahah
    CassL724 [10:22 PM]: a smelly particle of fish tart
    Emly725 [10:22 PM]: hahah
    Emly725 [10:22 PM]: an insidious tar and feathered indian
    CassL724 [10:22 PM]: hahahhaha
    Emly725 [10:22 PM]: hehe
    Emly725 [10:23 PM]: here's a good one: jessica simpson
    CassL724 [10:23 PM]: ouch
    Emly725 [10:23 PM]: haha
    Emly725 [10:24 PM]: she thought light bulbs had fluid in them
    Emly725 [10:26 PM]: jenny, not jessica

    The play was pretty fun tonight. We played "Christmas bullshit," which was really just the card game bullshit but we kept yelling "ho" at each other when we were wrong. Tamara played with us. The first time we went around, 4,5, and 6 were put down, and it was Tamara's turn. She put two sevens down and said "two sevens." The problem was that she put them down face up. When we went around again, she put them face-down, but she called out "two 8's." "Bullshit, we're on jacks!" Hah, she kept doing the wrong number.

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