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Em (eminemma) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 11:30:00
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    Current mood:blank
    Current music:misfits -- 3EB

    geez, im so bored! well, there are a few things that i should be doing... but we wont get into those.

    oh shit! the muffins are burning!

    hahaha, i shouldnt be allowed to use the oven when im home alone...

    yep, so i havent done anything in the past few days. im trying to think... one day a bunch of people came over and hung out. what was that, wed? yea, i think it was wed. cuz we went to watch timmy d.'s game. i think they won, i dont know what the score was tho...

    thursday? complete blank.

    friday i think, oh! i went to see POTC again with Nix, Timmy D. and Bex -- that was friday, right? yea...cuz kris had to babysit josie. alright, im getting there.

    saturday. ummmm ohh, i went driving with my dad. i drove to westboro -- go me! lol, it wasnt too bad, except for the end, but we'll just forget that happened, now wont we? then kris came over to play! lol, she brought 16 candles. haha, that was a good movie, i liked it. then we talked about things, yea, i had a good time, but i think i was scaring her later. haha, i was over tired.

    yesterday was sunday. i went to the meeting, bleh, i dont remember a word anybody said. but i drove home :) that meant driving on 146 (its a highway, in case some of you didnt know that, lol, im jk!) yea, but that was fun. kinda freaky, but not too bad. thank god there was no traffic, haha. at one point i was going 80 and i didnt even know. thats what my moms car is like, crazy crazy... then my mom took me shopping a little. what i really needed was a pair of shorts, but they had shit at Bob's because they already have fall stuff out. i got some bras and a couple shirts tho, so that was good. ohh, i got an application too. i figured i would ask, and the girl said they were probably going to be hiring in the middle of Aug. couldnt hurt to put one in... then we went to nwebury comics where i bought the new third eye blind cd and vendetta red. i love that store! its so cheap! except all the weezer cds were like, $17-20. a little to expensive for me, lol. we went out to dinner at Applebee's, it was yummy. then i watched a movie that was on tv, it was cute. lol

    so, thats what ive been doing for the past few days. exciting, huh?!? lol. dude, if you're ever bored, call me, cuz im always home.

    bye bye!!

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2003-07-21 14:08 (link)
hahahaha hey now!!! i know my numbers now!!! i drove yesterday by myself to home depot and didn't get lost!!! i went on rt...umm....ummm lol SHUT UP! i know where i'm going and thats all that matters!!!

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2003-07-21 14:37 (link)
rt. 9?

lol, im just joking!! i love ya!

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