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Filth (emerge) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 23:17:00
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    [11 Apr 2004|11:10pm]
    15 Years Ago, I:
    1. was born
    2. was a little sweetheart
    3. loved everyone and everything
    4. was oblivious to what was to become of me and my family
    5. was happy

    10 Years Ago, I:
    1. lost my grandma
    2. hated kids my age
    3. wanted to be a pro wrestler
    4. absolutely adored my dad
    5. wanted to grow up to be just like my dad

    5 Years Ago, I:
    1. moved out of a shitty town
    2. became anti social
    3. gave up on people
    4. gave up on having a father
    5. forgot what happiness was

    3 Years Ago, I:
    1. met the most wonderful people in the world
    2. became a bit more feminine
    3. really began to despise females
    4. faced my fears
    5. finally accepted my fathers death and accepted the things that have happened and just learned from them

    Last year, I:
    1. fell in love with the most wonderful guy in the fucking world
    2. stopped trusting people
    3. let the most wonderful guy in the world turn me into something…let him mold me
    4. accepted myself
    5. crumbled to pieces

    Yesterday, I:
    1. spent the day with Sarah
    2. talked to aaron
    3. got a pimp shirt
    4. realized I had a missing sister
    5. Cried with Sarah and my mom

    Today, I:
    1. had a nice easter
    2. Ate like a pig… usual thing
    3. realized how much I truly miss aaron
    4. fell in love with cigs again
    5. realized how much i missed seeing Sarah all the time and how much i love her as a sister

    Tomorrow, I:
    1. will cover my scars like ive done since Thursday
    2. will think about aaron…a lot
    3. will miss sarah
    4. will try to call aaron and tell him I love him
    5. will try to come to terms with whats happening and start with the healing process

    3 Bad Habits I Have:
    1. i pretend everythings ok
    2. speak my mind too often
    3. care too much

    Interests at the moment:
    1. internet
    2. getting my friends back
    3. becoming danie again…finding myself
    4. friends
    5. eh, ive pretty much lost interest in almost everything

    5 Places I've Lived:
    1. Vancouver, bc
    2. cobb county ga
    3.cedartown ga
    4. Cartersville ga

    My Top 5 Biggest Worries at the Moment:
    1. losing aaron for good
    2. what ive become
    3. school
    4. losing my best friend (aaron)
    5. being forgotten by aaron

    My Top 5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
    1. Being able to see Sarah again
    2. The thought of Aaron wanting to get back with me and things working out
    3. cigs
    4. have a really cool new friend (Andrew)
    5. marcs back to normal still

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