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Filth (emerge) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 19:52:00
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    so was alright. aaron and i got into an argument this morning kinda, it was my fault. i really made him feel bad, and im so sorry. i think he forgives me though. i hope so, i hate it when hes mad at me. i can never stay mad at him. i love him so much. i went to school...nothing interesting, lots of make up work. almost got into a fight with a kid named bo...why would you name your kid 'bo'? wtf? eh, hes a pretty cool cat, just...annoying. yeah, that was about it. i drew some pretty stuff that says Danielle loves Aaron and all kinds of stuff, they were really cool actually. hes so great. yeah, i came home and i talked to marc and carolyn and then i talked to ashley and lexy, and then i talked to aaron. then i talked to loo,then i got off the phone with aaron and i talked to brandon. then i went and ate dinner...thats pretty much it. no words of wisdom, no inspiration, no pictures. just blah.

    i was actually going to take some new pictures of me today, but i decided i wouldnt torture you guys too rather do it on a friday. heh. well. if anyone wants to chat, IM me, ixiscarlingixi. im really bored, and aaron is at work. im all alone.X,(

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