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Ophelia Marley (embracedinfog) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 02:34:00
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    Current mood:hopeful
    Current music:silence

    I try so desperately to begin a journal where my friends will not find me, where I can find seclusion and peace. This will be my third attempt, and hopefully... my last.

    I wish to be a stranger, an anonymous sinner, a prideful woman with confidence. I feel that I must confess my secrets, avoid the mundane, and to speak of what is truly on my mind, but I am a coward. Unfortunately, because I've made another attempt, elsewhere, it's entirely possible that I will be recognized here as well. If you recognize me, please do not bring this to my attention.

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2003-08-13 14:47 (link)
i saw your post in expose_yourself, i added ya, but forgot to mention it in my reply; so here i am tellin ya =)

i don't always update, i don't usually have the time to do it these last few months, when things get back to normal, i will
anyways...damn nice pics!

oh, and BTW, i don't know u, so its ok.....

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Re: hiya
2003-08-13 16:21 (link)
*smile* Thanks! I honestly didn't think anyone had seen the post, since I wasn't receiving message board replies for some odd reason.

I can appreciate the wackiness that is life, so there's no pressure here to see you update, update, update.

And thank you for the compliment. :)

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2003-08-13 21:27 (link)
we have added you...feel free to reciprocate...perhaps we can all share in our anonimity. we all need to balance our privacy with our need to express.

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2003-08-14 00:15 (link)
Yummy anonimity.

I wish there were some way to force payment on the Blurty Admin so that I wouldn't feel so guilty about being friended. Don't be shy to remove me from your list if you find that this journal isn't quite what you were looking for. I'm pretty damn self centered, and more often than not, I make a heel out of myself.

It is nice to meet the both of you. I skimmed through a few of the journal entries, but I'm off to have a sensible dinner. Maybe. :)

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we need to talk...
2003-08-14 16:48 (link) us on yahoo IM..."thegoodgurl2"...or

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Re: we need to talk...
2003-08-14 18:43 (link)
If yahoo didn't bend my machine over, I'd be all over it. Even after a fresh format and nothing else but drivers for my camera, yahoo tears my windows partition to hell and back.

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Re: we need to talk...
2003-08-14 20:40 (link)
send an email...we could share our AIM name...

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2003-08-15 18:07 (link)
hope you don't mind me adding you, as i found your words interesting...i have no idea who you are...nor do i wish to find out- but i'm interested to read about i am a voyeur and i live to look and to read...sorry about the deletion but i wasn't done with my words. cheers and have a nice day

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2003-08-21 02:45 (link)
Hi, I don't know you.. Nor you nme but I live your comments "I wish to be a stranger, an anonymous sinner, a prideful woman with confidence. I feel that I must confess my secrets, avoid the mundane, and to speak of what is truly on my mind" I am I guy and i feel the same way..
It's nice to know I'm not alone

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