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Ema Punk (emapunk) wrote,
@ 2004-01-13 20:44:00
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    My First Entry
    Ok well today started off kinda bad. I woke up late for collage and missed like two lessons and my mom was so pissed with me. She went mental at me and threatened, well no, promised to take the internet away from me, because I stayed up on it too late last night. If she just opened her eyes and took her head out from up her ass for two seconds, she would see why I use the internet so much in the first place. The louder I scream out, the more I seem to be pushed aside. I have found so many nice people to talk to on Good Charlotte sites at msngroups and I feel happier now. I haven't cut in four weeks and that is all down to those people. Especially to Rhiannon, Kayleigh, Danielle, Justin, Sarah, Candace, Kayla, guys know who you are. Thank you so much and to anyone I forgot...I am sorry. :)

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Thanks Annon
2004-01-16 15:47 (link)
Thank you Annon. You are the best ever. Don't forget that I am here for you to talk to whenever you need to. Love you loads, my special baby :)

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