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Kevin (emailtofax) wrote,
@ 2011-12-30 16:06:00
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    Using Your Email Account To Send Faxes
    When an office or a business person wants to save time and money, then they should consider an email to fax account. This would allow businesspeople or office staff to send a fax anytime and anywhere without the need to utilize a fax machine. There a few benefits in doing things in this manner. First, an office can save money when they don't have to purchase fax equipment in order to send a fax.

    Second, an office won't have to be bothered with purchasing enough paper to make sure that they can send faxes, and print out documents from their computers. The purchase of bond paper is quite expensive, as office staff can go through it very quickly. So if the office management can save themselves some money by only sending their documents via email to another fax machine, then they will save a ton of money on bond paper.

    Another reason as to why an email to fax account is more advantageous is because an office can create efficiency by simply sending document through their email to fax accounts. An office personnel would not leave his desk anymore just to send a fax. With just a few clicks of the mouse, office personnel would be able to send their faxes. It doesn't get any better. And if that weren't enough, this benefits the business traveler as well. There are many professionals such as sales people who find themselves on the road, so to speak. These professionals will need to constantly fax documents and forms to both clients, and to their corporate offices.

    It's hard in many cases for a traveling professional to find a fax machine in order to send off their documents. They will usually have to wait for the hotel fax machine, or go to an off-premise location, if their hotel doesn't have a fax machine. This costs the traveling business person time and money. However, if they can simply send an email to a fax machine, then they handle their business with more cost efficiency.

    It's really to the advantage of a business to subscribe to an email to fax account. Besides saving money on fax paper and on fax machine equipment, the company can save tons of money on additional phone line and long distance cost. When faxes are sent the traditional way, companies have to invest money in fax machine equipment. They have to also make sure that they have dedicated phone lines installed in order to service the fax machine. And sending faxes long distance would also incur expensive charges. If they have to send a fax internationally, then certainly these hefty charges will apply. All of these charges can be avoided with the use of an email to fax account.

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