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Elizabeth (elizabeth_jane) wrote,
@ 2005-09-27 12:15:00
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    Current mood:tired

    Random thoughts
    Nothing exciting or new ever comes around to me. I mean I attend classes here in the day and most of the evenings I go to work at a wonderful grocery store called Shop N’ Save that have the rudest and smelliest people I have ever met. I did get to know a really sweet girl who is my age and attends Penn State Shenango though. I called my best friend who had moved to Florida the second week of August and it was really good to hear from her. She got a brand new 2006 Suzuki and works at an amusement park. She runs a ride that is just like mister hide’s nasty fall at six flags all by herself! She is coming up in December and I cannot wait to see her!
    Over the weekend my boyfriend cleaned my car for me, which I thought, was really sweet of him. But then again it put him in a bad mood so never again will I let him cleaned it because he claimed it took him four hours just to pick the pine needles out of the carpet. Like it’s my fault my house is lined up with pine trees! Sometimes I do not understand this boy of mine. One night he called my cell phone and it didn’t ring but it said 1 missed call. No biggy. Then later on that night he had called but I was in the restroom. Oh, did I get yelled at for not answering my phone. I’m so sorry my phone was not attached to my hand when I was peeing! So the story I got out of it why I got yelled at was because he was hungry. That’s my fault he didn’t eat right? He’s just one of those people that make you smile even though you’re mad as ever.
    Sometimes I wish I could just vanish away from my family. As to they are the biggest gossipers ever. I had attended my cousin’s baby shower about two weeks ago and I walked into a room of about ten tables, but to find all of my cousins and aunts, who were sharing seats, just talking about everyone and everything. I was like this is ridiculous and it put me in a bad mood! Which I may add, none made an attempt to talk to me, but afterwards they sure did. Someday I will have to give you the low down on the type of family I was put into.
    So this is how my day went today. I had classes from 11:00am until 1:00pm. I, then drove to my mom’s doctor’s appointment and picked her up. We drove to her boy slash friend’s house and him, his daughter, and granddaughter attended my mother and me for dinner. I drove and it was very nerve racking because my dad absolutely hates this man because my dad believes he is a home wrecker and destroyed my family. My dad always says if he sees him out on the street he would beat the shit out of him. So for them to be in the car with me, I was scared to run into my dad. I never know my dad is always out and about even if I'm thirty miles away it is still possible to run into him. After dinner, I took everyone home and then went to my mother’s house with her. I stayed for about a half hour because by this time it was 8:00pm. I told my boyfriend I would be home by 9:00pm. I stayed just enough to take the old nail polish off of my finger nails and repaint them the same color as the were before. My mom walked me out to my car and I got home just in time to fold a basket of clothes, pick my room up, and watch the new MTV show, The Real World. This by the way was a decent episode tonight! This brings me up to 11:00pm tonight and I am sitting at my boyfriend’s house trying to type this 2 page blurty and public reading that is due tomorrow in English class.
    I am very tired at this point but I can not go to sleep because for one, I am not at home and I still have to go to the bank with Chad so he can get some money. He gets direct deposit from his paycheck and it is in there every Tuesday night at midnight. That’s kind of a stupid time but that is how things are done around here. He is getting a new job and I am excited because I will get to see him more. So I think I am going to call it a night and submit this as my work. *night*
    Ok, so it is the next day and I decided to add a little more to this because I do not feel it is long enough…I have a really bad headache and it is about a gazillion degrees in this room and I think this wraps it up because I have reached the minimum requirement of two pages!

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2005-09-28 12:08 (link)
man you must be busy!! I don't even know where to begin! i know how it is that you want to spend more time with your man.

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