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Elizabeth (elizabeth_jane) wrote,
@ 2005-11-16 12:30:00
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    Current mood:depressed

    Taking Life for Granted
    So I come home from school on Monday and my brother who is a sophomore in high school, came up to me and told me that Harry died. Harold Zook, aka Harry is a boy I went to school with ever since kindergarten. He was the boy who had the mushroom hair cut all thought elementary school. The other boys used to make fun of him because he wasn’t circumcised. I don’t know if this is true or not but it’s not his fault that he never had that done. He was that sweet boy who was always around to give you a laugh and help you with your school work. Harry did not attend graduation and walk across the stage with us. However, he still managed to graduate. As you all know after graduation more than half the people do not keep in touch anymore. As for me, I am always thinking about my old class mates and what they are up too these days. The last time I saw Harry was about a couple of weeks ago when I was driving down my road to come to school, he was working for West Penn. This is a tree cutting service. It was around 10:30am and I had noticed it was him working in a front yard. That same day, I was driving home from school and he was still there. This was now around 1:30pm. The last time I saw him. Harry lived a rough life. He lost his dad when he was little, lost his house completely in a tornado three years ago, and now lost his life to a tree. He died from a pulley cable strapped to a tree that pulls the tree down once it is cut. The cable snapped, hitting him in the head. I still don’t want to believe that this had happened. He was one of those kids that liked to drink and smoke some weed here and there, but he never interfered it with his work. From what I heard from a girl I work with is that the owner of the company does drugs. The owner is my brother’s friend’s step-dad. I don’t know if this is true. They are investigating the accident, and they did an autopsy on Harry yesterday morning. It is the saddest thing to get on aim and see everyone’s info. Saying that the good die young and rip Jr. We called him Jr when we were little. I hope that all the people who made fun of him feel like shit now because it was wrong. I cry every time I think about him because I went to school with him ever since I was five years old. After graduation I lost touch with almost everyone and now that he is gone, it’s like I'm missing a part from my family. He is no longer with us and all we have are his memories. Rip Harry* 11-14-05
    So I get this email from my friend down in Florida. She was getting off of work on night last week and was walking through the employee parking lot with her boyfriend and friends. They heard this loud scream from across the parking lot and her boyfriend and friend take off running and jumping a fence that leads straight to the busy road. A 16 year old boy was messing around and tried to beat a car that had a green light. A 19 year old girl had hit him. Britany and her friend later on jumped the fence to see this boy lying in his blood. Helpless. He was taken to the hospital and still there today in critical condition.
    Things like this make me realize everything that I take for granted. I sit and think about Harry not being able to start a family and live a life like the rest of us. The 16 year old boy that got hit by a car may never walk again and there’s me, complaining about a little ache here and there.
    Lately, I have been snapping out on my family for no reason and it makes me depressed because I never mean it when I do. The best thing I can do is apologize but I always back out. I snapped last night because I came home from Chad’ house right when my brother, who is 15, and his friends were going to take my car. Well not my car but the car I share. My brother was like, I already got permission from dad and I was like the hell you did. I just hate the idea of his friends driving my car. If my brother had his license and asked to drive then I wouldn’t care. But not his friends. This is not the first time I freaked out about this though. See earlier in the day he asked to use it and I didn’t care. But last night Chad fought with me and it just felt good to flip out on someone else. So thanks to Chad, I am psycho. I am carrying it on to today, and it is a bad day, I don’t want to go to work and I just want to catch up with my math work and go to bed.

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2005-11-29 11:47 (link)
i hope everything get better for you!

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