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Starla Saxton (mexicanwrestler) wrote in ele_mental,
@ 2003-08-29 04:33:00
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    Two, two, two posts in one!
    Hello! I was about to make rapid posts but realized I could do it all in one post. ^_^;

    Remember awhile back when I posted some pictures as Melanie C, because she was my inspiration for Trisha? Same thing, but this time for Joseph. =)

    I've probably mentioned this before, but Joseph is based of Zac Hanson. Yes, I was (and probably still am ^_^; ) a Hanson fan... shush now... anyway, there are too many pictures for me to bother saving and uploading to my own server, so I'll just direct you to this site:

    Then click on 199?-1999 under the "Pictures" header.

    I'm being specific 'cos apparently he looks REALLY different now... gosh... boys and their growth spurts. In a perfect world he'd never be any older than 11 or 12.. *snickers*

    Joseph looks just like the little Zac with shoulder-length blond hair, except black, of course... but his natural color is blond (I said it was dyed, remember?).

    *clicks on pictures* Gosh... this brings back memories. ^_^; I used to be such a fangirl; I had all their pin-ups and fold-out posters from Bop and Tiger Beat magazine stuck to my wall. *snigger* You know, the posters that have creases from being folded, and staple holes in the center... but I digress...

    I've decided on my subject for the next story I want to write. I decided to go with the "alternate universe" thing Windy-chan suggested. ;)

    My idea is to combine ALL the characters from the three RPGs together, since I've always wondered how they would interact with each other. I'm posting this 'cos I want to know if there are any two characters you would especially like to see together. Some I will put together randomly, but if I know there are two that you want together, I'll include it in the story. =)

    Remember, I'm only doing the three RPG's in the trilogy; Games and Constellation aren't included. ^_^;

    Any ideas? 0000 =)

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