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Camaleon (el_camaleon) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 23:07:00
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    Racists,The Bible Belt and the failings of M-Y B-I-G M-O-U-T-H
    So Ive been working for this small Commercial Collection Agency... for all of two weeks. Theres six other employees plus myself and the owner. All ready the place is driving me nuts.

    Theres John... the guy with "seniority". He sucks MAJOR ASS as a salesman. He's the guy assinged to "Customer Focus". Basically,he calls all the companies that,in the past have sent their dead beats to be harrassed by our collectors ( All *2* of them,BTW!) and badgers them to place more business. What a weak dick! Every call he makes goes the same way: Hey,this is John [_____] with [_____] and Associates,I was calling to see if you had anything "out there"? NO? Well, knock on wood huh? So,whens a good time to maybe,call back and check up with you? Okie Dokie. Talk to you then.

    OKIE DOKIE! What the fuck is that? And hearing him 8 hours straight... SUXX ASS!

    We have Keith, a very soft spoken and odd sort of guy. Looks like his life has been filled with pain and loss. Pretty friendly though. Not too much to say about him.

    Theres Dave. This dude eats the same noodle concocction every day. He nukes it...the fucking smell... it envelopes the office in this weird garlic funk for the remaining hours of the work day. He'll ask you a question and then immediately start mumbling about something else unrelated and giggle.

    And Dan... very old and real dense. He has these odd beaty eyes that move rapidly all over the place. I cant look at him when he talks.

    Then the two chicks of the office.

    Nancy... Pheobe and finally the guy that signs my paychecks. What a fucking WEIRDO! He comes in the office at like 6 am. Acts like mother hen until precisely 7:30,making sure everyone shows up on time. At 7:38 he grabs his briefcase and bolts. Comes back at 11:00 and hovers behind me and over my shoulder asking if I brought in any business. At 12:00 he bolts again for lunch. Comes back at 2 or 3. Leaves at 5 pm. He must be playing Sugar Daddy some where.

    Today we were talking about upcoming performers at Essence Fest. He goes into this monologue about "Niggers"!
    How alien and culturally different from whites they are. Someone else in the room,John I believe remarked about how last year he heard some of the folks attending Essence Fest were grilling ribs in the bath tub of their hotel rooms. The Boss Man chimes in that it wouldnt suprise him if them damn niggers had holes cut in the ceilings of their shacks and BBQ'd right there!

    Fuck, I wanted to bitch slap that guy SOOO bad! I just bit my tongue and walked outside. After I left, I felt like such a douchebag... I should stood up for what I believe in and called him on being such a fucking idiot! This ass bag goes on and on about what a good "Christain" he is. Fucking pathetic!

    I aint gonna last too long here!

    God, I am nodding off... time to get some sleep!

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