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Camaleon (el_camaleon) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 16:56:00
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    Current mood:Very C-O-N-F-U-S-E-D!!!

    U.S. Secret Service
    Today was just too fucking BIZARRE! I came home to grab something to eat,before I was going to go out again and put in some job applications. I nuked a hot dog and was checking my email. I kept seeing two people walking slowly up my street. At first I thought,their just college kids from the Sierra Club or something seeking donations and was confident that they werent going to come knock on my door. The reason being,someone recently stole our lawnmower and our place doesnt look like the house you'd stop at to get a donation of any kind,actually it looks quite "ghetto" at the moment...theres fucking weeds grown up past my ankles and our yard is the shittiest looking within six blocks.

    A few minutes pass and a car parks just beyond my yard and I see those two people again,walking up my drive way. So I go to the door... about to tell them I am broke. My second thought was,maybe their here to serve me with some kind of "law suit paperwork" over my SEVERLY delinquent Student Loan. I told the Loan Collector on the phone abotut a month ago I was broke and she needed to do what she had to do,when she was trying to scare me into paying.

    So,these two "Trendy Gap dressed looking" people are coming to my male and one female. I open it and they ask for me by name...I said wasnt him and he wasnt here. Then the female asked me for ID. And the male,pulled out a badge! A fucking SECRET SERVICE BADGE no less. So I am shitting my pants at this point. A million and one thoughts came rushing through my head. All I could think was, I havent been trying to pass off any bogus $100 bills and I havent made any threats towards the President of the U.S. why are they here?

    After giving them ID and confirming that yes I am who your asking for,they told me that someone had called their office and reported that I made a statement expressing my wish to do harm to the President. I think all I could say was "HOLY SHIT"... once or twice. I felt so wierd... having Secret Service Agents talking to me,especially over the subject matter. I still feel wierd now,a few hours later. I keep chain smoking for some reason.

    Anyway,I had to be frisked,we had to "delve" into all my legal troubles of my past. Admit that yes, I have been diagnosed as being Bi-Polar... [loony tunes] No I have never made any attempt to visit the President of the United States. And as far as I can remember,I have never voiced any plan to harm PODUS!

    I was assured that I had the right to free speech and had freedom to express my political views. All in all,the agents were very polite and professional. THATS A VERY SERIOUS CHARGE and I know they have to investigate any reports made like that. BUT WHO THE FUCK would imply that I did that? And more importantly WHY?

    I havent pissed anyone off as of late. I know that I am very passionate regarding politics. I have publically voiced my opinion that in my view Bush is more of a resident squatter,than the President. I have noted all the recent scandals involving the President being swept under the proverbial rug: Enrongate,Funeralgate,Bush Family ties to the bin Laden family. The fact that most of the top dogs in the current Admin. advocated to invade Afghanistan in 1997 via a report from PNAC,that oddly enough the same "people" had just experienced a snag in their plans to open an Oil Pipline in teh same region. The Words of Mass Destruction from the Admin. Color Coded Terrorist Alerts daily etc etc etc.

    But I have never,NEVER said I wanted to assinate the President! NEVER! I wonder if how I am feeling at the moment,is akin to how "Suspected Communists" did in the McCarthy era?

    I wonder if I am now classified a "Looney to be monitored" by the government? I wonder what kind of problems I might encounter if and when I have to board a plane? Can anyone say "cavity search"? I wonder if some night theres going to be a knock on my door and I'm hauled off under some provision under the "Patriot Act"? I mean essentially, I am being accused of conspiring to comitt "Domestic Terrorism"!

    Fuck I am going to give myself a nervous break down thinking like this. I dont have any reason to be paranoid,but I am being paranoid now! I feel like "Mel Gibson's" character in Conspiracy Theory... NO MORE GRAVY... NO MORE GRAVY! Holy Shit... what just happened?

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