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Darkchild (ekibyougami) wrote,
@ 2005-12-20 10:40:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Midnattsol - Midnattsol

    FUCK YOU!!!
    Get out of my life you! Stop making me angry and confused! If you can't be the person you used to be, then get the hell away!!!
    I don't know you anymore, I don't even wanna know you anylonger!
    How dare you to accuse me of all the things you did! How dare you to say that what I did and said didn't mean so much. FUCK YOU!!!

    Yes, I'm angry, and I do my best not to take that down on myself. But you make that fucking difficult for me!! I thought we would be able to work this out, but the longer I think about this, the more unlikely it seems.
    And just because YOU don't know who you are doesn't make that I never knew you. If that would be true you would be a fucking liar!!! But maybe you are, maybe you are just as bad as all the others you said they weren't worth my attention...
    And you know what? I don't freaking care! You used to be my best friend, and my boyfriend. But I'd rather remember the person you were (the one you said was just a fake) then that I keep on trying to talk with that miserable person you are now!

    Actually I get the idea that you are trying to make me pay for something I have no idea what I did wrong. What was it? Was it the fact that you couldn't handle it that I fell in love with some-one else? Some-one who could actually be HERE for me? Some-one I could see everyday in real life and not through a fucking cam?
    Is that why you get so much in details about the things you did with Vale? Just trying to hurt me? That is so childish. You know? In the beginning I tried to avoid saying things about my boyfriend because it might hurt you, but it seems that you can't even do the same for me!!

    What the hell did I do to deserve all this!!?? Really, you are not better then all the other pieces of shit I've met in the past.
    Go ahead! Try to take it all on me. "Why are you angry at me, what did I do" Blablabla. "If you don't know you are more blind than you proved before" HAHAHAHA!!! Who was the one who said that I was one of the few person not blind? Who was the one who said I was openminded? NOT ME!!! IT WAS YOU!!!

    "What you fucking said wasn't so true...believe me, even when you kinda listened to me when Marce died, that's something even a fish could do" HOW DARE YOU!!!! You're twisting everything now eh? Well fuck it, if you do not want to keep being "friends" with me, then fucking say it and do not pretend that you want to work it out!

    "Tell me" -Why?- "Because I deserve to know why you are angry at me"
    -Why biting your tongue?- "Because I was gonna say something else, but nevermind" -Tell me- " You don't wanna know some answers" WTF??? You're doing exactly the same! Refusing to tell me things, and then you say that I MUST tell things? Fuck that! Why should I? Because you "deserve" it? I don't think so!!! If some-one deserves to know what the fuck is going on, it's ME!!!!

    I'm sick of this, and I'm gonna let you know that, sure I am. You want to control all this eh? That the decision is yours. Well, think again, it's NOT!!! You are not the one to decide what I should do, or how this will end up. It's US!! That means you, and me. Two persons you know? And my opinion counts too. And right now I'm saying: Fuck all we had, that are just memories I'll keep, and stop this shit! Yes, that's MY decision. You are in fact doing exactly the same as Michelle did last year. And you remember how that ended, don't you?

    I'm gonna erease you, I'm gonna erease you outta my life.
    You'll be just a memorie from now on.

    Goodbye sucker!

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