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kats` (eekats) wrote,
@ 2004-08-03 08:49:00
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    Current mood: numb

    pink or blue?
    so i found out yesterday some disturbing news.... first of all, my gastroenterologist tells me they want to do another scope and biopsy because the last scope he had a hard time going through my pyloris....and wants to rule out cancer.... then about an hour later i see my regular md and find out im 5-6 weeks pregnant. i was shocked needless to say, although i had been thinking it was a possibility for about a week... nausea, tenderness....explains why i have been so incredibley tired and depressed. i guess my body ignores birth control. i had a hard decision to make. im divorced, poor, have one child already and definately not ready for another one. i have so many plans coming up and within the next year, that would be impossible to do with a baby. the father is there for me and cares, so thats positive. he supports whatever decision i make, which i have already made. i know ill be fine.

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2004-08-05 20:15 (link)
Try to stay positive and not let things get you down. hopefully after all this is done and over with you will begin to feel better. If not .. I think there are a few people in your life that will make sure you begin to feel better ;)

regarding your last statements. I'm pretty sure he is always going to care about you and be supportive of you :)

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