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just some kid (ediblesandals) wrote,
@ 2004-03-24 20:34:00
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    Current mood: mischievous
    Current music:veruca salt

    da cat ate da watermelon water ate da cat/da hamma hit da nail da nail hit the wood da wood crack BOOGIE!
    Wow man, Bosen is good at writing songs with "da" in them.
    I'm finally updating since everyone was begging me to.... so this is my spring break so far (please, correct me if i am wrong): Last Friday = sleep, I think. Then Saturday? (or maybe friday?) was thrifting, brownies/car-ah-oh-key, home movies (the death of ali), and watching two of the weirdest movies that could possibly be watched back to back. Then it was a sleepover, I believe. Oh, yes, Friday and Saturday all included Adrien Brody, Chinese food, Degrassi, dancing, and Outburst Jr. What could possibly be better!? Nothing. Oh and how could I forget the hawk convention? There was a hawk convention at my house. I'm so sorry you couldn't be there. Sunday I am failing to remember what I did. Monday, took P to this ranch in the middle of nowhere where we met some wolves. And rented "a handful of old depressing movies", as my mom said. I wore my old man shirt yesterday. My grandpa has the same one. Isn't that neat? Today we went arling (that's a new term) and I really can't remember what else.

    Most kids are doing something really cool right now. I should know. I'm one of them.
    But anyways, if you don't comment I'll beat your ass. Watch out, you jerks.

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its bosen
2004-03-24 23:25 (link)
I love your journal, and i am so happy you wore the old man shirt i gave you and that you enjoy my baking! you make my life really happy kiddo. Um call me lol, thats so dumb because umm i call you ok, bye

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bosen who?
2004-03-25 16:09 (link)
is bosen ur real name? well anyways... love u darling... see you saturday!!

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