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just some kid (ediblesandals) wrote,
@ 2004-03-14 20:10:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:motherly music

    this was a GREAT break.
    So far, I think this is pretty cute. So many things are cute. When you see something you like, say, a shirt for instance, you should say "Aww... that's cute!" And you should say it so you sound like a baby. Because, well, babies are cute. And when people talk like babies, it makes them cute too. Now I thought you would like some insight to my beautiful life. You want to know how my little 4 day break went? Liar. No you don't. But for those who may have stumbled upon this loserish journal and are so interested in this, here I go in 30 seconds: Blair likes seal. This world famous jazz piano lady came to our home and played. Then she did a concert last night that I was forced to go to. I almost killed someone with an umbrella. Sorry, but I don't like jazz music. You know what other music I really don't like? Music from MUSICALS. I also don't like the people that only listen to music from musicals. There are too many of them. Moving on, we almost adopted a puppy. (not like you care, though.) Finally got to see Lost in Translation. Found this video of a bunch of stuff taped on MTV from the early 90's or so. I just wish Chester was on there, but oh well. Lemon bars are good. *SMILES* I love hugs. My life is so cres. I was trying to think what I did the past few days, but I just realized... I didn't do jack squat. Next week is busy though. Before you leave, please take your time to answer the following questions: 1. What makes you happy? and 2. I don't like my hair. Any suggestions on what I should do to change it? Thanks so much, you are all SWEETHEARTS! I love you all!!! I love all my friends!

    (Remember, tommorow I'm gonna beat your ass. You know who you are.)

    By the way, Blair likes seal,, I, like commas,,,,,

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