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Andrew Couser (eddyhascal) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 03:35:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Massive Attack- tear drop

    Pass the salt and throw the bottle over you shoulder.
    Well, it has been a while has'nt it. here is a new worthless entrty for all of you to ambiguosly druel over with your internet cramed minds. druel not as in because you like me because you dont, but druel as in you have nothing better to do and dueling sure is an event isnt it, so go on make a big pool for daddy. I did something not concerning chemisrtry today although I should have, but I didnt because i wanted to spend time with my angie. today i went to prestons birthday party and i was included within a giant cake war. that was grandios let me tell you, if i had a nickel for every time i didnt want to get into a cake war i would have a shit load of nickles. however i do suppose that i had an okay time main reason being that i was with my angie, that made it all worth wile, i wish i could spend more time with her, i really do but im always buisy. i always have some chemistry assighnment to do or someplace to go concerning chem. i bet she thinks that i am mindlessly neglecting her dooing it with intention but to tell you the truth i really am not, i am really buisy alot of the time, and i have to be, and that isnt because i like to be buisy but when i am not i start to become depressed so whenever i am working i dont concentrate on the saddness but rather on a goal to be haappy in which i am positive that i could accomplish with angie but you know what i cant every thing that i try to set up with her is always ruind because either a)my fuck head parents will come home drunk and detest of my not being presant within our househlod or b) something comes up with one of us and it all goes down hill. doesnt that just seem lovely!

    But on a happy note i had fun with angie alot of fun more fun than i have had in a long... long time, i wish that things could be like that more often but the cant and angie if and when you read this i am sorry that they cant be i really am..... just remember that i love you and nothing will ever change that.

    well i suppose that i should be finished with this newly updated jounal entry and go back to my chen research.

    good night all.

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2003-10-19 15:21 (link)
I love you, and you know that. And im sorry that we never get to see eachother anymore... im really sorry because i love you more than anything and i want nothing more than to be with you. But one day soon, like when i have a car we will be more able to be with eachother and until then we'll manage i promise.

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