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Deranged Eccentric High on Crack (echo_streak) wrote,
@ 2003-06-17 13:44:00
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    Current mood:anxious

    A New Beginning?
    Ok, this entry was meant for yesterday. Monday. Hmm... I must honestly admit that it didn't start out the way I wanted it to. I only did a couple of physics tutorials, and I was mostly copying the answers... Haiz...

    Went out to SAFRA Yishun to swim with a fren. pyk calls him Kermit. I guess its because of his small build. Haha.. Well, it was a nice place to swim. Caught sight of a couple of cuties there... And I very ming mu zhang dan de beo one of them. He was teaching his kid to swim, I assume its his bro. So I just sat at the jacuzzi directly opposite him and enjoyed the view. Lol...

    Aye... I was hoping to get some work done at night, but nothing. The only work I was doing was typing out the previous journal entry. Haha... Oh and I was watching Die Hard 2 also, the remaining half of it. It was a damn long ride home from Ang Mo Kio Town Centre. My butt nearly rot. I deserve it la.

    So far, I'm only making progress where it comes to the physical aspects of my life. I really need to pump more into my academics. pyk asked if I wanna go clubbing on Wed... Hmm.... I really dunno... Considering the amount of makeup classes this week and that I'm going out with another group of frens on Sat... Darn...

    Need to find my motivation!

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