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Deranged Eccentric High on Crack (echo_streak) wrote,
@ 2003-06-06 00:15:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:Sister Sledge --- We Are Family

    A Day at AW Aquarium
    While we stood in front of the counter, waiting for the person to check out certain details regarding our age, the odour of second-hand smoke stung my nose. Rather adverse to such undesirable scents, I frowned and tried not to inhale too much. (used the Abstrutse Tortoise Breath Holding Skill, read Celestial Zone -- An Onerous Battle) I peeped a little into the gym and caught sight of one lone guy, wrapped in his towel, watching "The Price is Right". Lol...

    "Sorry, the minimum age is 17"

    My underage friend tried to talk his way through, but Muscle Mary behind the counter gave a 'no-can-do-sorry' look. My heart sank. I had kinda been looking forward to checking out the place... Dejected, the three of us left the place. We promised to return in July, cos my friend would've had his 17th b'day by then. :P

    "Let's go to RAW!"

    Haha... Well, I didn't mind. After all, you never know what to expect. And I wasn't expected home till late, so what the heck?

    Trudging up the steep slope, I suddenly wondered what would happen if RAW got raided. Haha... Sure die one... Me and my friend were wearing uniform le... Well, we probably wouldn't be doing anything inside so I guess it shouldn't be too much of a problem. They may just tell us not to wear school uniform next time. I felt bad and uncomfortable to be wearing uniform anyway... I secretly swore not to wear uniform to spas anymore. I think. :P

    At the counter, the guy offered to waive membership fees for me and this other friend. The 'underage' kid was already a member so nothing much la. The guy also charged us only $5. :P I expected to pay $20!! Haha... What luck!? Or maybe its just some ploy... Who cares? We were given a locker key and two towels and off we go!

    Haha... Up there the whole world was like watching the 2 students undressing at the lockers. :P It was a total experiece of a new form of liberalism. To me, the feeling was like "Hanging Loose" revisited. Cos I was just wrapped with a towel. I hoped that I wouldn't get a sudden rush of 'inspiration' below during my time there.

    Further up, we hit the showers. I realised that there was this glass panel at the wall, and I could see people staring in, so it was kinda like a peepshow for those horny fools. I thought about it, but in the end I didn't bother. Guess I got my first taste of liberty there! Haha... So this is what exhibitionists feel like... Sort of, cos I eventually forgot about those peepin toms. :P There was this guy showering with a hard on! Argh... Lucky he din try to do anything funny... I only glanced at him and didn't bother liao. Wasn't worth it anyway. :P What I needed was a mirror! Haha... Yaya... Skin thick! I know...

    Explorations revealed many dark corridors, rooms and areas, we decided to hang out in the open-air garden. There was this guy who kept following us, but we all did our best to ignore him, and we joked about who he was trying to cruise. :P Both of them pointed their bloody fingers at me! Bastards! Haha... That guy was so gross!

    My school fren called another guy to come along. Hmm... A lot of friends liao hor? Let me label them. My school friend is P. His friend is Q. The older guy is R. Haha... :P The three of us went down to the counter area to wait for Q. We checked out the jacuzzi but it was kinda full, and none of us were keen on allowing any DOMs touch us so we just sat down opposite the counter. The gross guy kept walking to and fro us. Eeeee...

    When Q came, the four of us went back up to this area I fondly call the 'Living Room'. It is pretty much like one. Tables, sofas and this projector as the television set. We sat there and listened to Q lament about school. P told him about that idiot and Q went to bitch him! Haha... It was done in Chinese so I can't type it out here but he handled him pretty well. It turned out later, P and Q went off for a while, and the gross guy came up to R to ask him for god-knows-what, I din hear. Haha! Looks like I was lucky! He wanted to cruise R. Of course, R rejected him and the bastard left when P and Q returned.

    We spent a while at the counter area later, cos the stupid jacuzzi was still full of people... Watched this "Amazing Animal Videos" show there... Haha... Amazing indeed! We saw a cat kissing a bird, dog kissing koi, dog kissing bird, goat standing on horse back! (and by bird I mean a real bird, get your mind out of the gutter) Lol... For a minute I thought we'd just spend the rest of the time watching TV! :P Finally, there was space in the jacuzzi and we broke up into pairs. P and R went in first, so me and Q went upstairs to the living room to watch "Chemistry" and chit chat. Found out that he was younger than me by two years! Haha... I still thought he was NS already or something.

    After like close to an hour, the pair finally returned. So we went down. There were another two people in the jacuzzi. :P We took off our towels and entered the bubbling water. Haha... So, erm, kinky? My third taste of skinny-dipping. People slowly filled up the place. Lucky for us, all were the average kind. There was this chub walking around, but luckily he didn't get in! *heaves sigh of relief* Haha... Ya, I have something against certain types of people. To each his own k? For the record, I stilll didn't stim! :P Maybe cos the people there dun have fantastic bods or super good looks. Haha... So many uncles... Eeeee....

    This guy kinda leaned over and chatted with me. Earlier on I met this guy Q calls Ms RAW. Cos he knows a hell lot of the people there, and he's also effeminate. So I mistook the person for him and made some small talk. I later found out from Q that he was the DOM boss... *shivers* Haha... Oh well... Nvm la... I friendly wat... He actually touched my back, the kind like 'move-faster' push, something lidat... Ok... I can live with that... That was the only molestation that happened in there. Not too bad. P was telling me his previous visits always kena a lot of times by DOMs.

    We eventually left the jacuzzi, cos this guy near Q was getting closer, at least Q felt so. Haha... I later thought that he probably edged close cos I stretched my legs in the jacuzzi that time my feets touched his, and he must've mistook that Q touched him! Haha.... Oops? On our way up, Q met this drag friend of his. I, being the shy guy, glanced at him, then went on to go upstairs. When Q caught up, he told me his drag friend wanted him to pass a message: "Tell your friend I think he's gorgeous." Lol... I'm flattered. :P Q's reponse to that was , "I was like, duh?" Haha... I think he likes me... But Q's not my type.

    After a shower, to wash off all that ungodly material, suspected to be in the jacuzzi, Q and I walked around searching for P and R. Spent like 20mins searching all over, Q even went into the dark places to call out P's name! No doubt he must've disturbed some people going about their 'business'. We gave up and decided to make a move first. At the lockers, Q half-serious, half-jokingly asked me for my number. Hmm... I think he likes me. Hope I don't lead him on. I gave him my number. Cos I blur la, and wanted to respond fast. Anyway, I'm such a nice guy. Haha! I didn't mind la actually.

    Wow! I got my membership card when I returned the towels and key. That was efficient! Now I just gotta make sure no one straight sees it or I'll be in deep shit. :P

    Did I mention I didn't have ons at all? And I didn't stim at all? :P

    P and R called us eventually and we had supper at a hawker centre nearby. I think P got into a quarrel with his boyfriend cos he was face black black after a long talk on the phone. I couldn't really think about it cos a wooden splinter from my chopsticks found its way into my precious skin! Argh... Hope I no need to amputate my left index. If not must use my middle finger to point at things liao, den no one can tell when I'm scolding the #*@! word.

    On the train, Q msged and said he was thinking of asking me out. I replied "Not interested". Think he got the msg la. Hope he din get offended though. Haha... Well, its been a long day. My contacts also make me damn tired... Logging off. That's all for my trip to AW Aquarium. Oh, in case yr wondering. Its funny cos their sigin just has the letters "AW", made up of their membership cards. Also, there are lotsa fish tanks outside and a couple more inside, so from far it looks like an aquarium lor!
    Hee hee... I can't stop thinking about what Q's drag friend said... "Tell your friend I think he's gorgeous" Haha... Can you blame me? I'm such an egoistic person! :P Skin thick! *joking*

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2003-06-05 18:02 (link)
chey. for once i was quite happy that u all didnt get to BH but i should have know better. aya... so now that u have EXPERIENCED how a spa is like, promise me not to go again hor!

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Re: :P
2003-06-06 12:38 (link)
well, you've heard what i have to say via sms liao...

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