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Lyndsey "LA" (easyaspiela) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 09:15:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Start the Commotion (bridge music whooo)

    can i bitch for a second?
    ok SOO heres the deal....we have nine days off for teacher convention and lemme tell you its been really great so far... i mean its the middle of november, and its freakin 75 degrees outside!!! its like mini summer break!.. on saturday i didnt do much bc i was really tired from the football game (homecoming woooo) and sunday was eagles day OF and my dad and brianna went to Don Pablos and then we went to go see Brother bear wiich was a realllllly cute movie and it was hilarious as well!!! Monday was kinda weird bc we had band and we didnt even have school... the brooding teenager had a hangover (i still think he hates me)..but other than that band was fun!!! it was my last night rehersal bc i cant go on wednesday...something about ALL STATE!!!!!??

    on that note IM SO EXCITED IM GONNA PEEE MYSSELF!!!! im very happy bc everyone and their mom is coming too see me (cept my best friend :( )

    this is the part where i bitch.... i mean why cant he come? i mean i realize WHY but its a pretty lame exuse.. i mean after all the times im there for him, and all his slut gfs and shitty semi dates, and listening to him whine about how he doesnt have a gf, yet perfectly good ones are waiting for him to just come around!!!! i mean, for the last five years, its been all about him for me, and last year all state he was sick.....yea sick enough to go the movies...and now this year....well im not even really mad....its more sad....if he doesnt want to go i wish he would just tell me (anyone who reads this, and knows who im talking about , dont spill....i dont want him to feel bad)

    well im gald that everyone else is coming....jazz, cortz, erica, rob (yay ferris), sam C., sam K, stayc, derek, john, BT, paul, brianna, mom, dad,granparents, and anyone else i missed....its gonna rock out hard core...for all of you who have never been to an all state concert....its orgasmically good....oh my gosh i get chills just doing warmups

    ok ill let u all coment on this one and holler out about your comments



    ps leave some stuff for me to see bc i prolly wont see till after all state


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