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Lyndsey "LA" (easyaspiela) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 16:12:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Always somethin there to remind me (80s whooo)

    its the 80s baby
    80s like WHOA>>>>>>

    oh man today was so hilariously funny with all the teeachers and students dressed like the 80s...aint nobody rock it out like mr mccarron though... he was so funny!!! ok so i am still mad about all the play stuff and all the stuff with the x tara and tom are right in the fact that i shouldnt feel like a jerk... but i DO!!!! and to make things worse CGD came in and ruined CC once agagin!!! i feel so bad for erica and anne :( :(

    on a bright note.....division 1 shooting coach is running a clinic at delsea tomorrow nite i hafta miss half of band, but mcc says he understands bc come on now.....its DIVISION ONE!!!!

    Stayc told me that she is bringing like 30 ppl to all state and i am so excited bc i am alrady brining like 15 so its gonnna rock out hard core.... i cant freakin wait till those threee days in AC!!! gonna get some ...and by some i mean none :)

    jazzy wrote me the funniest note today explaining my love life (or lack therof) alll i have to say is, it included the circle of life, and justin being my sould mate????? shes nuts and she knows it

    i find out tomorrow wheter or not i get to run for all state student council...i want to sooooo bad but i think dave and dave are also gret candidates so im happy all round....

    i have to baby sit tonite so i bettetr go get some work done

    holler out.......and if anybody wants some lovin...give me a call


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