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eagledigitizing (eagledigitizing) wrote,
@ 2012-01-16 09:48:00
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    fall and winter - whether graphic design
    Liu Shuqin mastered embroidered map design. October 8, Liu Shuqin it in Suining, opened the first "real stitch." "People pay to the original photo, photos, if flawed, I can modify, photo background as well, can re-design a background, then finished embroidered map (image), the effect of each map is accurate to the root production of stainless line with the public good of my embroidery needle, embroidery threads, embroidered fabric to take home, in accordance with the embroidered map Feizhenzouxian on the line. "Shu-Qin Liu said. These days, many people began to embroider their own, and there are dozens of people handed photo (design embroidered map) or phone consultation. Liu Shuqin said wedding photos, art photos, family portrait as the main content of Suining real embroiderybusiness signs

    10 years on March 16 evening, Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale alloy plant at the grand launch of Creative Park autumn and winter 2010 fashion show, followed by presentation of the Mark Fairwhale JEANS Men and Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale each other against the background of international men's fashion and their works demonstrate the autumn and winter. Brand creative soul, known as the "Chinese fashion industry giant" of Mark Cheung President in person, nearly a thousand guests invited to a common exposure to modern urban life, the blueprint for the creation of light and shadow feast of art, a taste of Italian avant-garde male attractiveness technology and highly artistic interpretation of fashion expression of human temperament. The 2010 winter conference, following the 2010 spring and summer Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale International Fashion Men launched the "Bright Fam", Fairwhale Jeans Mark Fairwhale JEANS men launched the "evolutionary laboratory", these two brands to high-profile grand gesture appeared before the media in the market and once again confirms Mark Fairwhale Mark Fairwhale vigorous creative attitude. That night, the magic color rendering light and shadow, the guests as if over time,vector artwork

    witnessed Mark Fairwhale create stylish visual space. Using the latest large-screen projection technology DML changes different images to people's imagination pull to the technology boom, the future of the times. Mirror cover 16 wrapped strips of T units along the column followed by standing, mirror faithfully captures the light and shadow and deserted, but also adds visual three-dimensional space and changes in degree of sense. Flashing flow in the stage of abstract painting and film image of the shuttle models seamless, as if there will be staged next party scene, Yu said that science and technology, arts, culture and life of perfect overlap. With colors flying and the continuous accumulation modern beats, embroidery digitizing

    original alloy mechanical plant cold and fresh with new opportunities, thus. Mark Fairwhale JEANS Men: Screen invasion - retro blend of technology and the first appearance of Mark Fairwhale JEANS men to leisure, individual European style, urban white-collar workers, urban freehand in turn presented four series of these magnificent works of vivid color hot interpretation of the "screen invasion" theme. The theme of Responding to technological expansion, various visual terminal (screen) gradually replaced the era of direct human emotional communication, try to return to the classic aristocratic.atmosphere and into a cold wake-up wave of intelligent technology the perfect human. With the model moving slowly the graceful beauty of the new Baroque style palace filled with fall and winter - whether graphic design, apparel fabrics, accessories match, fusion technology and the new Baroque style, tailor-court interpretation of high-profile gesture mood, like the colorful screen put the romantic interpretation of visual stimuli. Furthermore, many elements of the financial body in a fashion reserved elegance of classical beauty, fashion sense and a warm color blocks of the glamorous and classical geometric sense of each other to make up the backdrop of human nature and technology exchange. embroidery designs

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