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Dzheph (dzheph) wrote,
@ 2004-10-26 20:47:00
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    Current mood:guilty
    Current music:John Lennon - Imagine

    Read and write with Red and White...
    Yeah, that was the reading slogan I came up with. Now our class, as well as Mr. Harrison's because we tied, gets pizza. Anyway, since I'm not here to brag about that, I'll say what else is going on. Today was alright, at the beginning anyway. In second period, I sat and listened to Sadie explain the plot of Tales of Symphonia ("Sinfonia?", |o|), accompanying herself with visual aids she made on a piece of paper |o| it was kinda funny. Anyway, we had a spare in period three, then we had a pep rally. Wasn't especially interesting. Period 4 history came along, not too interesting either. In Period 5, I think I nearly had a mental breakdown. We were trying to record our project, but then we found out we had taped over a few seconds of another group's, and they got mad at us, threw the blame pretty much in our faces, and I felt really horrible. This feeling carried over for pretty much the rest of the day.

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2004-10-28 23:09 (link)
It's only a few seconds right? It's not like you went over all of their project, so they shouldn't be getting so mad about it. Don't feel bad. Couldn't they've just taped it again?

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