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CKT one (durbeyfielde) wrote,
@ 2004-12-26 23:46:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:ryan adams, biznitches.

    durbeyfielde (11:25:01 PM): it happens
    durbeyfielde (11:25:21 PM): you guys just can't help it
    MattIsASuperStar (11:25:35 PM): i had a friend lay on top of me for an entire movie..and nothin
    MattIsASuperStar (11:25:54 PM): and thank god for that
    durbeyfielde (11:26:00 PM): well, sure, when lee lays on you like that it shouldn't happen
    MattIsASuperStar (11:26:02 PM): haha
    MattIsASuperStar (11:26:08 PM): pressure is pressure
    durbeyfielde (11:26:13 PM): yikes!
    MattIsASuperStar (11:26:19 PM): i'm just sayin
    durbeyfielde (11:26:22 PM): me too!
    durbeyfielde (11:26:25 PM): seriously tho
    MattIsASuperStar (11:26:28 PM): it's not always in your head
    durbeyfielde (11:26:35 PM): you can't control it
    durbeyfielde (11:26:41 PM): like that picture of me and jon
    MattIsASuperStar (11:26:53 PM): umm..i think jon might have actually been turned on
    durbeyfielde (11:27:07 PM): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    durbeyfielde (11:27:10 PM): ew.
    MattIsASuperStar (11:27:13 PM): it wasn't a proximity thing
    durbeyfielde (11:27:19 PM): i was all feelin' good and stuff and you ruined it.
    MattIsASuperStar (11:27:38 PM): now if it was jon and scott and scott was pushed just that tight against him..well then woulda been accidental
    durbeyfielde (11:28:03 PM): why did you pick scott?
    durbeyfielde (11:28:14 PM): oh cause of the picture
    MattIsASuperStar (11:28:15 PM): i'm just sayin
    MattIsASuperStar (11:28:45 PM): if eleanor sat on my lap and bounced all around, i would totally be not turned on
    durbeyfielde (11:28:52 PM): OH MY GOD
    durbeyfielde (11:29:03 PM): i just got that image in my head, and i'm so telling lynn about it

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