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CKT one (durbeyfielde) wrote,
@ 2004-12-03 21:20:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:The Eagles-"Lyin' Eyes"

    every form of refuge has its price
    Hello Week of December 3rd! You have OFFICIALLY SUCKED! Let's not keep up the good work, ok? Cause my eyes are burnin' and the circles underneath are REALLY NOT FLATTERING. :(

    So Wednesday was day of hell. I realllllllllllllllllly don't understand how I'm supposed to train someone if I have no workers to cover. Sigh. I'm sure that girl thought I was the worst supervisor ever. Poor thing. I kept apologizing. So no Jump concert either--so Tish and I ate dinner together--she suggested Champp's and asked "are you currently in a fight with them?" hahahahahaha i hate you champp's. So we talked and had a really good time--she was the highlight of my week, probably. Then we went back to my work and chilled with Puddy and Scott, who just lurrrrves to give me a hard time. What a goofy ex-boyfriend. When I got home, Cori called and we shit-talked for an hour, so that was also very nice. I miss my special lunchbox.

    So ok, strike two against me was yesterday--I tried to get tix to the Magnetic Fields concert, cos I actually had someone agree to go with me, and there were only shit seats left---like 2nd balcony, back row. Well, that ain't gonna cut it. I had no idea the seating was assigned. So that's out. sommmabitch.

    Dork moment:
    Ok, Ami did get voted off on "Survivor." That smug, self-righteous bitch. Hahaha. My favorite quote from Survivor Sucks (StinkFeet): "Woooooooo....i'm so glad she''s gone, she started to get Low Budget like Lex in All Stars...." Yeah she did. Lex=twatwaffle.

    Ok, more quotes:
    Jackson: I'm from Chatham County, born and raised.
    Ckt: You know what they say about those Chatham County boys...
    Jackson: Let me prove it to you.

    cuter by the day....

    I had to help with story time today--and Jackson agreed to wear the Clifford costume, so I had to help him walk to the Children's dept--so yeah, I held hands with him and we danced...hahahahaha. What a dollbaby.

    OH and get this. I have to write Matt up at work tomorrow. IT SUCKS. A LOT. I tried to get out of it, but he fucked up (accidently) on his register, and so I gotta do it, it's my job, but he's my friend, and it sucks. I called him today to tell him, and that it's gonna be really hard for me to do it, I think he understands, but sheesh, I'm dreading it.

    I'm gonna go to bed early cause my head is hurting and last night and sleep didn't really work out.

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2004-12-04 17:11 (link)
twatwaffle ..... hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe


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2004-12-04 17:35 (link)
Yeah, I'm telling you. Lex is a huge twatwaffle.

See, I was expecting your comment to be about Jackson and his cuteness. ;)

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