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Mokona-chan (mokona_onna) wrote in dub_haters,
@ 2003-05-23 21:01:00
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    Current mood: indifferent

    Spank the monkey - Mokona's Saiyuki dub review
    Yeah... this is a bit late but... felt like writing so NYAH! >P

    Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the MotorCity Comic con. Well, after shopping around and spending entirely TOO much money on anime plushies, I decided to settle in the animation room. Of course, after sitting through an excrutiating hour of dubbed .hack//SIGN, I finally got to see the dub of one of my more recent faves, Saiyuki. My thoughts? Not bad. Not bad at all. Not as good as the original but certainly better than some. Let's just say, I wasn't cringing every time someone opened their mouths. *cough*.hack//SIGN*cough* Actually, I think the four main guys did a pretty good job there. And while some of the bit players (especially the villains of the day/week/episode) tend to over act, it's isn't bad enough to make you want to gouge your eardrums with a rusty screwdriver. In short, the orginal is still best but if you get stuck watching the dub, you'll still have a good time regardless.

    Mokona gives Saiyuki 7/10

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2003-05-23 22:53 (link)
Hmm... interesting. >.> I'd still not risk killing the rest of my hearing and just settle for subs. XD It's a good thing they didn't actually screw the voices!! *dances*

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