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Password: (dshbrd345) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 13:36:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:A day at the fair-neoteny

    lethargic as it may seem
    this closure is all that we have
    and the neon light in my heart is still blinking vacancy
    I'm not ready to throw your tears away
    I'm not believing that my mind will forget you someday
    you said that I'd be alright
    but I keep on waiting
    I keep hanging you on the strings of my heart
    that ties itself to you

    I still drive the car with these automatic windows
    we loved so much
    as we smoked are fears away
    I'm still hanging on dreams
    of castles and clouds and white picket fences
    and you spending your life with me

    you said that I'd be alright
    you said that I'd be okay
    well I'm not and I'm miserable
    and I'm drinking tonight to remember
    how good it once felt back when life felt real

    I'll never give you up
    I'll never find love with out finding an answer
    of why it's not attached to you.

    blah mood.
    Yah, doing the usual Sunday thing.
    Staying home and listening to songs that make me cry.
    Hm.. I'm pathetic.=)

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