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Password: (dshbrd345) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 18:20:00
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    Current mood:I have a head ache
    Current music:coheed and cambria-neverender

    The new day's begun

    Before school Bri wanted me to go ask Nate if he was going out with some girl. So I did but the girl was RIGHT next to him and I didn't know it. haha It was semi amusing. Me and Lizz litterally RAN out of homeroom. In math alls we did was talk about what we were going to do over Thanksgiving. I love that class. In wellness we did worksheets & stuff. I finished 27 years before everyone else so I wrote Lizz a wicked long note. She said she kept laughing about it but I don't understand why because it really wasn't that funny. haha. Studyhall was good. We're always so loud!! Lunch was funny. I threw some Mountin Dew and it went EVERYWHERE. haha. I don't think Lizz and I have EVER been on time for history. First we had to go upstairs to visit Jay & then we slowly made our way downstairs. Carlson has to love us. I cheated on the quiz because I didn't do the reading. hey, whatever works. After school me and Lizz did our clay bowls for art. haha er, well she did. I gave up on mine. haha It was quite funny. Then we grabbed a bunch of paper and we came back to my house and made a card for Jay 'cause tomorrow's his birthday. I'm only going to school for first block tomorrow. Which just so happens to be art. woo!=)
    oh yah, and I'm going to give it to Ryan tomorrow. hahaha

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