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The Sheep Princess, or Ed Rooney (droptoppopnlock) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 15:24:00
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    Current mood: happy

    of sunshine and good times
    hello all of my lovely chaps and chappettes, i have missed you all so very much!

    this weekend has been full o' fun and happyness- last night was ruths birthday bash, complete with iceing-in-the-hair, immitations of chinchillas, a mad cool song about cake ect, and the labrynth. its was soooo fun, and then was just so beautiful. it feels like SPRING FINIALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so me and soph took a tres long bike ride around everywhere, ending with a stupendous trip to perk where we received some free tai smoothies from the bests L.A.M.B. in the country. riding my bike again made me unexplainably happy; just speeding along with the wind in your face and the perfectly blue really was the highlight of a while. simple things are so fun when you just have time to sit back and enjoy it. im bed-ridden with spring fever. later today ive got a modern workshop which im so exited for because i just love modern. wow, this weekend has really been filled with things i love...SMILE.

    life is good.

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2004-02-28 16:05 (link)
Lise, you are SO my now-offcial Exerscise Buddy. It'd be even more official if i knew how to spell excerscise. Ah well, good ol' weather report on Yahoo predicts itll be 'round 60 the WHOLE WEEK! Who's thinking skirts and sunny days? Care to join? Maybe the spring party will happen earlier this year...

Much love and jiggly legs,
Soph (your local homeless person purple biker babe)

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