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*its DaNgErOuS... im LoViN it* (dreamr_poofie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 23:48:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:im sry i cant be *perfect*

    i hate myself
    & i hate how you always remind me of how much i hate myself. i know im not perfect. it would be nice if i was skinny and flawless... but im not. i guess ill never be that either, because ive never been close to flawless. ive never had a perfect complexion. ive never been "skinny" or considered "hott." id like to think that im okay looking though. id like to think that im good enough for you, but i know im not. & everytime u remind me of what u could have and who wants u and blah blah blah it makes me want to leave... actually it makes me feel like shit. it almost makes me wonder why i am so madly in love with you and why i am working so hard on this relationship?? i mean if u want to go there i could be with somebody right now who thinks im beautiful (or at least thats what he said.) u know i could have somebody at a.c or here or whatever. i know somebody out there has to think im good looking right??? maybe....

    then again maybe not....

    well i wish i was just sexy/beautiful/hott/cute/pretty... in somebody who loves me eyes...


    on another depressing note....

    moved my stuff out of my dorm room tonite. wanted to cry the whole time, but really didnt have time to. just looking around that hall was so many memories... i looked at the quote bored outside the hall and there was "Steve get ur moccasin off me." and then i go down the stairs... and then i see the lobby and from the lobby i see steves window... and all the lights were basically off so i think of the power outage nite and then i write on my friends doors goodbye and i think of them... i just wanna go home...back to a.c.... and be with my besties chelle & jackie & steve who ive lost touch with all during break... the only good thing about all this is that i always have a place to go to now if i just wanna leave here... cuz all my besties have their own rooms now & im sure theyd LOVE to have me (i think they would anyways...)

    enough of that... its depressing for me.... im going to bed... hope everyone has a good weekend.... sundays gonna suck ass...

    *sorry if i aint perfect
    sorry i dont give a -what-
    sorry i aint a diva
    sorry, just know what i want
    sorry im not a virgin
    sorry, im not a SLUT
    i wont let u break me... think what u want*

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i love you
2004-01-09 00:16 (link)
i love you still and i think your sooo hot especially after all that wild sex that we had

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yummy sex
2004-01-09 02:26 (link)
mmmmmmmmm... im still thinkin about that sex.... i wonder if everyone in powell heard.... THEY PROBABLY DID BECAUSE IT WAS ONE BIG MASSIVE POWELL ORGY!!! (that'll give them something to talk about)

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