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Stephanie (dreaminscreamer) wrote,
@ 2003-12-15 21:15:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:Screamer-Good Charlotte...the best fuckin song ever written!

    ugh...okay...this is now the THIRD TIME i've attempted to write this fuckin entry because of my stupid ass computer!! it better work this time or i'm gonna fuckin break the computer!!!!!

    ugh...i'm so fuckin stressed right now...have you ever felt like just curling up into a little ball and going into your dark corner alone so no one can bother you and just...die??? well...not die...just go into non-existence and let the world keep going on without even noticing you are gone. that would be nice about now...i'm not suicidal or anything...i just need a long awaited and well deserved break!!
    Things that Keep Me Movin' On: *yes that was a gc reference*
    1) my mom
    2) my friends *or the ones that care about me*
    3) music
    and i think that's three things are doing a great job...

    i'm going to california on friday for winter break...i'm excited and i'm not. spending two whole weeks with my family is like hell! but...this is california and i'm gonna have fun not being in virginia...i need to get away...this is going to be my long awaited and well deserved break! finally... i would like it better if one of my friends could come with me...but unfortunatley that can't happen... :'( my family is very caring and thoughtful...but they go about it incorrectly...they become obsessive and nosey...and i can't STAND IT! if i have a friend...they'll lay off a bit...god why can't someone just come with me?
    this thursday i'm gonna have a couple people over to watch sid & nancy so i can hang out with them before i leave for california...that's a great fuckin movie! can't understand what sid's saying half the time...but it's a great movie! the whole time i was watchin it last nite i was grabbin onto my sid vicious lock n chain necklace...i miss sid...he was an ass...but you gotta love him!

    okay...i'm tired of writing...i've got to do my homework now anyways...i'm like failing all my classes...*failing is a b to my mom by the way...*
    piece out!

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