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Pretty Britty (dreamer8174) wrote,
@ 2003-01-23 17:07:00
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    Current mood:hateful
    Current music:I Need You -- LeAnn Rime

    just bored
    ugh im so bored.. n stupid ppl keep iming me!! i have a feeling this weekend is gonna suck!! on friday, me n kel are goin to see "darkness falls". it looks pretty cool. it would be alot better if *he* was coming tho ;) gawsh, hes so hot! i cant ever get him off my mind. if anybody reading this knows how to get a guy off thier mind, without killing themselves, let me know! im in need! hehe. im still excited about valentines day coming up. did i already tell u that me n *him* didnt talk today? well if i didnt, then now ya kno. we were makin a lot of eye contact. it really sux when the guy u like talks to other girls. like i kno they arent hermits, n they should be able to have a social life too, but it still doesnt take the feeling of jealousy away! especially knowing that im not able to just walk up to him n start a convo. but any other girl that doesnt even like him can. i was talkin to kelly a couple mins. ago, tellin her about how *he* touched that girls bookbag today (gag). n she was like "well would u rather him have touched her butt?" oOoOo just the thought of that made me hate her more! if she would ever lay her psychopathic hands on him, id tackle her. like seriously. i cant get ferocious! ok instead of puttin *him* im just gonna refer to him as "nick". dont get confused tho! haha i tell alot of ppl his name is nick. dont u hate when people act like your best friend when you're in class with them, but once they're around their snotty friends, they act like u dont even exist? god i could kill people like that. i kno a couple of them, to say the least. but whatever, i dont care nemore. i seriously lack of caring for alot of things now-a-days. its kinda frightening! just like, last year i was majorly emotional. but now im just kinda blah. but as they say, time changes everything!! another thing i hate is when people try to make fun of me, or like my friends, or anyone in general. i could give a rats ass what they are saying. like people shouldnt flatter themselves n think i give a damn about what they think of me. cuz obviuosly if they're just gonna critisize me then they're the ones with the problem! get this.. i have something else i hate! i hate when u've known someone for a really long time, and u think u guys are friends, but then they gt around new people, n just because they've made some new friends, they think they're better than everyone else. seriously.. they're just dumbasses. i hate when ppl think they're better. CUZ THEY'RE NOT! im in a hatefull mood! then again i have every right to be! people irritate the hell out of me.. ok i think my blood pressure is rising.. lol.. so im gonna go!! byes..

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