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Dralana (dralanatrestar) wrote,
@ 2003-02-11 20:17:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    Much has happened and I don't know quite yet how to organize it all in my head.

    Eomer and I have become closer friends. He finally got me to tell him what's been wrong with me of late. I told him much more than I expected to ever tell anyone. It's strange how easy he is to talk to. At any rate, I spoke to him of my visions and of my childhood and how I never knew my parents. He wondered if either of my parents were seers, but I have no way of knowing. He has sworn that he will not betray my trust. I am so glad to have him as a friend...

    Thrandos had not been sleeping of late and I took care of him yesterday morning. I truely hope that he get's better. But it was more unfortunate that while I was washing his laundry I had a vision that was going to hurt him. I could never allow this! Despite how reserved I am towards him I do care for him. I was very ready to rush away from the White City right then and there, but Eomer caught me in the stables. We took a walk through the market, where I bought him a cloak pin. I told him that I had a vision, but not the exact details. I also asked him about taking me with him when he returns to Rohan. We are to go today, though I am worried for him because of Lady Ro. She has not returned yet and I know of his love for her. I wrote a letter to Thrandos asking for forgiveness at my abrut departure and I am returning the money he paid me. I hope he doesn't hate me, it would be crushing if he did...

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