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Sarai (dragonmage) wrote,
@ 2005-12-26 22:11:00
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    Alright so this last weeurk was the one week that I was so excited about for like forever. My friends from Arkansa, the Twins were coming to visit and they were going to stay with me. I cleaned my house and set everything up for them and my brother even lived in the basement so that they could have a room. so anyways they get here and i do a great job at leading them into thinking that we are meeting just katie at good days and then a ton of people were there and they got to see like a ton of people that they knew before. so it was really good and all but then they went with katie on friday which i didn't mind cuz i went to Stephanie's concert, which was awsome. so anyways i am on my way home and the twins call and say meet us at the daily grind. so i go and twice my car fishtails a little on these patches of black ice, not kewl but whatever i was driving slow and shit. but anyways i get to the daily grind, get something to drink and sit down to wait. so the twins and katie show up and to make this a little shorter my mum calls and wants us home by a certain time, katie flips, mouths off, i flip and mouth off, i leave and the twins have to run to catch me so they can go home. then the next day is sat and the twins are going to sleep over katies cuz i was going to an xmas party, so i go and as i am droping them off at the train station i realized they didn't have their clothes for the night or the next day and ask when they will be back from boston to pick up their stuff. so turns out i have to spend like 20 minutes of my party trying to get them to getkatie to take them to my house so they can get their clothes. ends up that my mum has to call and give them an ultimatum about when they can pick up their stuff. so i leave my party, not that i wanted to and drive home, i get home and its like mindnight and as i get into my room the twins call and are like can we still pick up our stuff?? so i let them in and then go to bed. the next day i go to my family xmas party and tell the twins i'll be home around 7 and they don't come in till like 9 so thats like 2 and a half days i don't see the "friends" that are living in my house for a week . so monday comes and i take the twins to school and they decided that they were going to go to boston again, and lunch with blake, so we go to lunch and then i go to PT and they go to boston. mind you they both have colds and the night is gonna be in the negs and they have like spring jackets and thats all, they come back around 12 or 1. so thats another day i really don't see them, so guess what...lauren gets bronchitis and is very sick, so tue we don't do anything, but we do have 2 ppl over for dinner and then go to a movie cuz its inside and warm, but this is after me and my niece driving to 3 stores and to cvs for these kids. then wed i go to school with my niece and we meet up with steph and we have a great time, talking and hanging out and shit. i go home cuz we were going to go to the pc friars hockey game, instead kristin suggests that my niece and i go and she and lauren stay at my house and invite katie over to hang out, mind you i hate katie, my mum does, my dad does, my bro and sis do no one wanted her at my house at all, the twins didn't seem to get that through their brians. so my niece and i stay at home and watch tv with lauren till we send her to bed and then its just me and my niece cuz kristin went out to dinner with katie and a bunch of other people, mind you i knew several of them as well....grrr. so anyways will comes over to cheer up lauren in this chipmunk suit and she is so not having it and ignores him. then katie and nobu come to say goodbye and i go to bed its like 1 in the morning. i get up at 3 in the morning so that they can pack their stuff into the car and my mum and i can drive them to providence. needless to say i got them and their stuff out of the car asap. so all in all i spent not even a day with those idiots, and they will never be coming to my house to stay ever. i have already deleted thier number out of my cell phone. also they never called me to tell me that they go back safe but i bet that they called katie. but they have the gall to call me on christmas, who does that, thats family time, i was on the phone for like 2 minutes....grr....and you know what i hope that they read this too. so they know how fucking pissed off i am and know that i really don't like them anymore, not only that but they didn't lift a fucking finger to help clean the messes that they made....and yet today crystal helped me clean and washed the dishes of her own accord without even being asked...and my italy friends are also so great, some brought some brought gifts like wine or desserts on sat, another was thier when my niece's car broke down and he volunteered to help push the car into the drive without even asking. and others offered to help out with one thing or another. thats what real friends and classy people do. ok im done with venting now

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