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Laurie (dragonbait) wrote,
@ 2003-09-17 22:28:00
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    Current music:saves the day- your funeral

    why do i care?
    so yes yesterday i was in this wrestling match with Luis, and yea at the end i was holding this skirt of mine i had changed out of into pants, and then Luis comes over and throws me his shirt, i guess so i could wipe my face off or something, but i thought he meant to put our stuff down so we could finish our match, so i threw down the clothes, and then only after he gives me this look like ive offended him or somehting do i realize this is not what he meant. so today, i told joel about it, and how Luis hates me. and Joel just looks at me and says "why do you care?".

    it makes so much f-ing sense, i dont even understand how. why do i care? he doesnt care, hes too cool for me now. but thats alright, i have my friends, and he can be one of them or not, his call, and either way, im moving on. today. tomorrow. until its gone. because life is too short and too precious loving someone who isnt gonna love you back in that way, or wanting to be with someone who doesnt want to be with you, or pouring your heart and soul and managing to put all ur emotions into words, so that maybe they can get a glimpse of how much you love them, just to have them say that the feeling isnt mutual.

    its so yesterday. (i love hilary duff)

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Makes so much sense
2003-09-21 03:47 (link)
it really does...thats what makes me sad...oh well...-Jason

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