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Come Save My Life Hero (dontwannacrryy) wrote,
@ 2004-02-07 02:00:00
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    Current mood: crushed

    Sad Song
    I wish i was happy
    not sad like now
    To sit in my room
    and laugh would be great,
    but now all i can do is cry.
    Why would God make me feel this way,
    this way that i have felt for a while now.
    I don't think it is funny, or a joke...
    But it's kind of weird, that i am acting this way.
    Because, my life is falling apart, day by day.
    Nothing is ever the same, I just don't know..
    The life in which i lived is never coming back?
    I don't understand, Where did it GO???
    I loved it so much, and now it's just old news..
    Will i ever get it back, will it find my soul?
    Oh please God, make me smile once more! (by me) yeah, am i good or am i bad.. GOOD haha

    (i was depressed when i wrote this like crying depressed, can ya tell haha)

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i love you
2004-04-04 19:03 (link)
hey babe i hate it when ur sad, i know that feeling when everythings falling apart, i know i can't always relate to you, but i am here for you, lol and plus ur life isnt so bad, more than half the hot guys you meet fall inl ove with you! keep your chin up! ur laugh will come soon enough!

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