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JaAshSam (dontrushperfect) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 20:23:00
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    Current mood: jubilant
    Current music:clark gable... the postal service!!

    this is ja's first entry
    Hello, all you kids! This is ja! I am so happy im met ash.. she is so awesome. I love that girl.. <3<3<3 It's too bad about that zac kid. Oh well, your not a "bitch". Your pimp as crapp!! Well, on saturday, i went to my first highschool fottball game. i didn't watch the game. i just stood around. bet your bottom dollar it was fun! Who would of ever thought that a girl saying "vagina" would turn some guy on... well, yes. i got a sweater today. it was crazy. Sweater shopping. Oh, yes. and a cardigan. It is so pimp. My brother is home from college. He is being so mean. He went to dinner "with the family" to... DENNY'S.. WHO HAS A FAMILY DINNER AT DENNY'S? oh well. i didn't go. he was getting me so mad. He come on friday, and i havent even seen his face yet. this is poop. i think im gonna close this up. so this shall be my closing statment. "may i see thy blowhole?? i have seen thy blowhole and it is magnificient!"

    <3 until later...


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2003-11-17 06:59 (link) big the window the wall....lmao
<3 ashes

im glad i meet u too!!!1 :)

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