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Rudolph "Dolphie" Creakasdottir Berman-Ramus (dolphie) wrote,
@ 2008-05-26 20:06:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    Memento moron
    I know, it's been a long time. You bitches have languished away, not knowing what happened to your glorious, Dolphious idol. Well, a lot has gone down since my last update. Over the next week, I plan to tell you all that your wax-filled ears can bear to hear.

    First things last... I will tell you a little story. Bette Davis (who would have been a calico if she'd been a cat) hated Joan Crawford. They were nemeses or whatever.

    Sasha Fuzzy Face

    Anyway, when Joan Crawford died, Bette was told that, when someone died, you had to say something good about them.


    So Bette Davis said, "Joan Crawford is dead. Good."

    Sasha Pooping

    ... you were good (to mess with). Maceo, that multi-toed, Dog-loving freak, misses you, and mourns in strange ways.

    Maceo Milk Bone


    Dolphie Eat Sasha's Lunch

    I eat your dog food. I eat it up!

    Check back tomorrow for more exciting tales of mystery and horror, and feline government,

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2008-05-26 21:32 (link)
Hey girl:
Where you been *at*? Seriously. I have to tell you, your girl brought her man-thing here to my chateau and I tried to catch a friendly whiff of Eau de Dolph, but all I smelled on her was StreakerScent, same as always. I was starting to think maybe you'd moved out or some shit. Damn.

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2008-05-26 21:44 (link)

Yo bitch! Sup? Where I been at is LOCKED OUTTA THE COMPUTING ROOM! Girl's Boy has the 'puter in his room, which he closes off from me because he claims he "does not want cat hairs on his stuff." Lies! Everyone wants my furs on their items of personal value, whether they know it or not.

Anyway, last night, the fools left the door a crack open. As you know, I have psychic powers, and was able to use them to jimmy the door open.

Voila! A new post for your edification.

More l8r, K8r.


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