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Sammie (dixieqt) wrote,
@ 2005-03-14 16:01:00
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    my day...
    wow..okay today has been alot better then expected bc of one little factor...*HE* CALLED ME FROM TEXAS!!! now im in a good just to talk to him for 7 min was okay!! and that makes me smile..gahh im pathetic!! horibly pathetic!!tiffany said she hasnt seen me this happy in a long time...i cant tell you *his* name so i will call he will be refered to like htat...okay well i met this rele great rele sweet guy...>>about time!! i mean gahh how many guys do i need to go breakin my heart n tellin me the just wana get in my pants...i mean my youth group of all my friends my youth group friends dont know me and they were even calling me a slut!!<<...but i called n i got his number from tiffany who got it from ashley who got it from our youth pastor but ne ways back to my story...i called him n this was sunday night and we talked for the longest time!! n he is like G E O R G I O U S!!! but ne ways we talked n talked for hours!! n like it was rele sweet...n we are sooo alike in soo many ways!! it was crazy!! he gets me and that is the first time i have said that in a really long time...but like his biggest down fall is something he cant even help...his cuzin is my ex boyfriend...and he doesnt care...he doesnt like his cuzin n stuff so yeah...exsepcially bc i told him how he really is...but ne ways so we tlaked for froever n he was in love and dated someoe for 2 years...and SOME STUPID GIRL RIPPED HIS HEART IN 2!! I COULD NEVER DO THAT TO HIM NO MATTER WHAT!! but now he lives here...n i was heart broken n told him about that hole thing w/ the *butthead who i strongly dislike* so it was late n he said he would call me tommarrow...intern monday...and he did at 4-38 to be xact >>i just looked at my cell lol gahh im a loser!!<< so we talked for a really long time...then he had to go n so did i...well i was talkin to his cuzin bc we are tryin to be friends...well he talked to *him* about me n *he* told my x that he didnt like me and he was talkin to some other i was like really upset bc i rele like this kid n like it weird i have never been this crazy over a guy soo freeking fast!! but any ways...i called tiff and told her she called him >>with me on mute<< and was like do you like sam n he was LIKE YEAH!! n she was like but her x said u didnt n he was like "i have to play both sides because i rele like her but she dated my cuzin and we are blood so i have to kinda not tell him anything" then he asked if i was upset n she said yeah n he was like well tell dont..yeah keep it on the dl till things clear up w/ tem...he was like i wana do this right... n get to know her rele well but i do like her then he was talkin n it was gay bc it wasnt bout me lol but yeah he said he was gana talk to me about likn eachother or somethin today or tom. at church!! so im like supper happy!! and tiff was like im glad he likes u bc u havnt been happy like this in a really long time... n its great!! ....gahh see im sad...and then like wend nite i saw him!! it was great he told me mi hugs suck but thats okay lol...and he also said that we have a song...u know daughters bi john mayer...thats our song...long story!! but yeah...we have a song..and he is in texas untill next sunday...n if i wana go outa town w/ tiff tonight to go to franklin i have to go do laundry n clean!!

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