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Think Happy Thoughts (ditchedthepills) wrote,
@ 2003-09-24 19:10:00
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    This is my first entry like ever apart from 1 I just did typing A Static Lullaby lyrics to see what happened. I should be writing an argument for english about why Lotto money should be spent on coastal areas... I included some fake quotes from 'Margate folk' which jazzed it up a bit though. I think I'm getting my hair cut at Tony & Guy on Friday which should be cool, but then I'm going to the SM gig like straight after so it'll get all fucked up. And I just asked my mum to get me like 5 Funeral For a Friend tickets and she's kinda broke right now and seeing as the haircuts costing like £60 she's probably pretty pissed off. Oh and I wanted to go to that MTV2 thing on Tuesday with like The Thrills, The Rapture, The Music, The Darkness and Jane's Addiction but it's like £30 and I don't particularly like any of the bands, I just fancied going. I think Nigel would rather sell the ticket to Fat Paul though, cuz he's willing to pay like £60 for it cuz he's a twat. Gabs announced today that she doesn't actually hate emo. I think it's cuz she's intimidated by me and when she said she hated it before I tried not to flinch but I think she noticed cuz I started going on about how much Rancid and Distillers and all that crap sucks. I don't actually think that though. Well maybe Distillers. And most Rancid songs. Shit it's cold. It was so hot like 2 days ago and now I'm wearing a fat jumper that I used to wear skiing. Cool Hayley said she liked it once. Great. Sarah F keeps saying hi to me at school, really enthusiastically. I think it's from when she saw me in the park on Friday and I'd straightened my hair and I was drunk so she realised I just might be cool enough for her. I can't stand her though. Apparently MSN is shutting down cuz of paedos or something... I'm quite glad if it does, cuz I'm addicted and I hate it, it's stupid. I say every night that I'm not gonna go on but I always do. But I just feel like I can't have proper real conversations with people. If MSN died people would call each other more which is way better cuz you can feel really close to someone on the phone but hardly ever on MSN. I just included a quote from a fisherman in my essay who I called Oscar Mull3r. The SM show on Friday's gonna fucking suck. All the gays from our school are going and they're gonna 'dress up as punks' apparently. I think I'll just chill at the back and get drunk and look cool while they try and start a 'mosh pit' up at the front. Richy may not appreciate the fact I wasn't joining in though. I have a free house on Saturday so I'm thinking of having some hedz round here but I don't want Adam to think I'm trying to recreate what happened last time. Although that would be nice. I might have some shrooms as well, but I'm unsure of what everyone else will think. I don't want whoever to try it to become 'dirty shroomers' like the 'dirty pillers' are. And the guys will probably think we're really stupid. I might just not tell anyone. AHH. I noticed when I got home from school today that I HAVE A MOUSTACHE. I can't believe it. Well I'm hoping I'm just imagining it because when you stare at someone's moustache area, you notice that everyone's got 1, but mine just seemed really outstanding... No one's ever called me Shauna/Tasha though, so hopefully they haven't noticed. I guess it's inevitable cuz I'm pale and I have dark hair. I'll just shave it off/kill myself. Fajitas for dinner, score.

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