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Think Happy Thoughts (ditchedthepills) wrote,
@ 2003-10-08 21:20:00
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    BLEURHGHH. I need to stop eating so bad. I might get my mum to put a lock on the cupboard or something. I went to Thursday on Saturday. AHHHHHH. It was SO amazing. Geoff is like the best frontman ever and Nick let me go at the barrier in front of him <3 Autobiography Of A Nation was probably the highlight, or maybe Standing On The Edge Of Summer. And then I went to Thrice on Monday which was really cool. They're such amazing performers. I sold my spare ticket to this absolutely gorgeous man AUHH yeah. Hmh. I can't be bothered to write anymore. OK I will. At FXBRY on Friday I got really wasted AGAIN which I should REALLY stop doing at some point, and Miss Kurtis pretty much said I was an alcoholic. Fantastic. And then Sarah F, Anna etc turned up which was GAY. I think some people like that are going this week too. Wonderful. I complained about it to Rich and he was like 'I don't really care if they go' and then I felt like a bitch. But yeah last Friday I tried to get in there with Ad and Gun came over and was like 'you 2 should soooooooooo go out' and then it was really awkward. Thanks for that.

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