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Think Happy Thoughts (ditchedthepills) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 17:06:00
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    Current music:Coheed and Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade

    Shitty Sunday - cold, bored, drowning in a sea of homework, confused, greasy hair
    Yeah... So it's Sunday. Yesterday was so boring. The girls met up in the day as usual and we just walked around the shops and stuff. I was in a weird mood which isn't so strange lately and I think people are going off me because of it. Everyone went home except me, Emma and James and some random boy so me and Emma decided we would each go home and meet up later when DR band practise had finished and we could do something with those kids. So we went home and then Emma couldn't come out again cos her grandparents were round or some shit. Then Fearn called me and asked if I wanted to go to the cinema with her and Cassy so I decided I may as well, and then maybe I could catch some DR action beforehand. However, Cassy then called me and alerted me that there was a slight change of plan and we were gonna go to Libbie's and get a movie and eat loads of popcorn. I was cool with that. Then Lou called me and she was at her dad's sausage and cheese party and as bored as fuck. She wanted to go to Libb's but Libb's dad wasn't cool with it so I felt kinda bad cos I don't really know Libbs so i coulda just chilled with Lou at her place or something. And then Gabs was calling me and got me to come and meet DR at Maccy D's cuz they'd just finished band practise, so I went along. I think they were all really stoned. And I'm also mega pissed off cuz I have like 5 Thrice tix and Adam got 6 and he stole all the people I was gonna give mine to. So I dunno what to do now.
    I FINALLY wrote a short story which I've been trying to do for about 2 years. It's pretty funny but I just ripped it off some story I found on some kid's LJ.
    But yeah anyway, I think I was being really weird cuz I just turned up at Maccy D's for no reason when I was supposed to be at Libbie's house and her house is nearer to my house than Maccy D's is, so I'd just have to go back the other way. The main reason was cuz I wanted to see Adam. <3 And he lives really near Libbie so I thought maybe we could walk back together when I decided to go to Libbies. But no. I was like 'I'm going now' and everyone was just like 'ok bye.' I suppose I can';t really expect him to just get up and go, and I think he was stoned anyway so the conversation on the way probably wouldn't have been too successful. I always thought HE was the weird 1, but I'm starting to think I'm probably pretty weird too. When I hugged him in McDonalds it was at a really awkward angle so it didn't really work. And he asked me who was going to Libbie's and I told him and he was like 'partaaaaay' and I was just like 'erm, no.' I might call him later and have a chat with him, but he might wonder why I'm calling him. I might write down a list of bullet points to talk about just in case it runs out. I can't actually think of anything to say though.
    I can't remember if I've Blurtyed Friday yet...

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