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Steff ♥ (diss) wrote,
@ 2003-04-29 20:50:00
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    Current mood:calm
    Current music:Hilary Duff. . Why Not

    Ahh Jon is still mad at me and yet I love him so much! I love Kevin too ;]. Well anyways Mrs. Hunt was pissin me off really bad today she said I was back talking her and that I gave her attitude like usual lol. Tonight I am going out to dinner with my mom-mom, pop-pop, and my mommy. I'll update soon.

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2003-04-29 21:04 (link)
Just ignore Jon. He's being a complete idiot. Just wait until he wakes up and knows what he did.

OMG I remember in 7th or 8th grade when we first started Sex ED. I Remember we were all so nervous, and embarresed. Especially sitting next to this boy Erik. He was asking me all these questions like "What's that" and "Why does that happen?" I didn't know what to tell him! Lol it was so cute. Plus this kid Joey pulled a condom out of his wallet!!! And we were just 13 years old. Omg it brings back so many memories.

Please cheer up girl.

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2003-04-29 21:11 (link)

Hey thanks. I just can't. I mean I've known him since like 5th grade. And we went out like 8 or 9 times seriously. And once was for like 6 1/2 months. I mean I loved him then and I still do. And people make fun of me and tell me is ugly and stuff. He is my BEST FRIEND. He just doesn't know that. And he gets mad at me for no reason at all. And I think he hates me!. I even had a wedding song picked out for me and him ;\ Im just a fxckin loser like he says.


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2003-05-03 17:00 (link)
I found your journal from a comment to one of angered's entries. I just wanted to ask you where you got your pictures for the layout and your icon. If youcould please tell me that woud be greatly appreciated.


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2003-05-05 16:04 (link)
Hey lol I would tell you but it was just some random site and I don't remember. Sorry

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2003-05-07 17:57 (link)
I reset my friends list add me back please

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2003-05-07 18:14 (link)
Okay no problem ;]

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2003-05-09 17:31 (link)

Jon will get over it ;\ I suppose I don't really know ;x. But that's good you got a lot of love for people. Now then, teachers suck period. That's the end of that, we don't like them they don't like us. :Nod: That's how its always been, that's how its always gonna be. Have fun at dinner. Take care, much love ;]

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2003-05-10 14:29 (link)

Awwe yer so sweet. Thanks for the comment :).Yeah teachers do suck!.

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